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OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY REPORT Working in the duty environment for three years, I had been experiencing the grave good-tempereds of Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS), as is patternd by a con-over in the UK which quiet that 75% of laptop users who used a laptop for indecent hours or further a day reported end indisposition. Delay the crave to bear a perfect interpretation, I bear been motivated to bear a lore on this subject. OOS (also notorious as Repetitive Strain Injury) is solely a message used for a dispose of proviso characterized by disagreeableness of indisposition in the muscles, tendons or other tender tissues (Harvey, S. 2002) p. 29). Symptoms of OOS could deviate depending on the special, the post and hardship of waste and the husk of the tasks undertaken. However, you should pay further regard to if you bear various premonition signs affect indisposition, muscle enervation, protuberance, callousness, unpopular disturbance of the junction or detriment of duty as you are affectly in the coming measure of OSS. Changes to operationplace contrivance and practices can relieve or thwart the proviso. In operationplace, OOS covers condensed tasks that envelop repetitive or forceful motion and/ or means-of-support of grievous or clownish situations. OHS hazards could be stated as deficient operation structure and operationstation layout, badly contrivanceed computer hardware/ tenderware and badly contrivanceed duty possessions. Identifying the hazards, the best way to regulate the risks is to supervene the insurance procedures which force be to minimize repetitive tasks, captivate ordinary quiet and draw-out smashs or to guard punish situations and deviate them frequently and so on. Depending on your peculiar job husk, you could captivate irrelative actions to reform administer the symptoms. (Source: http://www. mydr. com. au/pain/office-ergonomics-workstation-comfort-and-safety) For the duty operationers, few mob apprehend that their job is ranked as the high-risk job. An Australian con-over conducted by Comcare, for pattern, surveyed 2,000 ACT synod operationers delay portentous upshots. Of the 1,000 who participated, prospect out of 10 respondents who had not claimed operationers’ pay had OOS symptoms and two out of 10 had earnest symptoms, aim, in other expression, that they were in continuous indisposition. For my peculiar circumstance, commerce fur delay the brochure operation required me to squander lots of term keying in grounds, having the urban situation and focusing my eyes at the similar removal subject-stuff for extensive determination of term. At the coming term, I had no fancy encircling the likely hazards and felt so cozy delay my operation. However, my colleagues who had conversant the grave good-temperedss warned me encircling the injuries which upshot from irrelevant computer use. They could be situation-related injuries, overuse injuries of the excellent limbs or eyestrain. As the upshot, various ways were suggested for the operationstation ease and insurance. I quiet that the most efficient tips for the subject is that you should bear a good-tempered-tempered situation (as representsque in the beneath represent), your possessions should be adjustable and severe term limits smash should be applied. To sum up, OOS could occur in all operationplace, for all husk of occupations. Therefore, the insurance procedures should frequently be superveneed and all the risks that can inaugurate should be considered as the safer the operationplace is, the further fruitful the operation is. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. Occupational Overuse Syndrome, viewed 23 May 2012, <http://jobaccess. gov. au/Advice/Disability/pages/Occupational_Overuse_Synd. aspx> 2. Ergonomics Australia, The abiding gist of OOS in the duty, viewed 23 May 2012, <http://ergonomics. uq. edu. u/eaol/phillips. pdf> 3. Occupational Overuse Syndrome (OOS), viewed 29 May 2012, <http://www. command. vic. gov. au/s[email protected]/modules/office/overuse. asp> 4. Duty ergonomics: operationstation ease and insurance, viewed 30 May 2012, <http://www. mydr. com. au/pain/office-ergonomics-workstation-comfort-and-safety> 5. Workplace insurance – overuse injuries, viewed 29 May 2012, <http://www. reformhealth. vic. gov. au/bhcv2/bhcarticles. nsf/pages/Workplace_safety_overuse_injuries> 6. Dan Kaufman, The Hidden Plague,