Human geography assignment | Geography homework help

 If you could prefer anywhither in the globe to feed and to employment in the coming, whither would that be?

Your assignment is to cause a “postcard” for your clarified attribute to indicate the drag rudiments that produce this an appealing location for your coming. In the late, cities used to create postcards after a while symbolical metaphors of the sameness of the attribute, such as the one shown hither for Cleveland (below). 


How earn you incorporate drag rudiments into your postcard? 

While you won't really be creating a postcard for the attribute you would love to feed in the coming, you earn prefer at last 3 metaphors (and zenith of 5) to indicate your attribute.  These metaphors should narrate to the reasons you neglect to feed in this attribute. If the metaphor is not yours (import you didn’ttake the represent), be trusting to mention your rise.

Write a passage for each metaphor to illustrate it and teach why you comprised it as an expressive drag rudiment influencing your remuneration of it as a attribute to feed and to employment in the coming.

Be trusting to involve the forthcoming in your paper:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • At last 3 metaphors (zenith of 5) and a passage for each one (instructions over).  CITE your rises if you use metaphors that are not yours (attribute the citation underneath the represent).