Posted: November 7th, 2022

Global Health : Final Project Two Submission: Policy Analysis and Testimony Transcript

For this project, you will select a state, national, or international policy in which the United States is involved to critically analyze, interview a stakeholder of the policy, perform substantial research on the impacted populations, evaluate the policy for ethical adherence, and ultimately advocate for or against the policy using research to support your claims. You are expected to communicate with a stakeholder through an interview, which you will complete during the course. Pieces of this interview should be used to guide your research and should be cited as support in your final analysis paper. The final submission should be in the form of a research-backed, persuasively written paper. Attach a transcript of a testimony you would give to an appropriate policymaking body, which should be a complete, but concise, synthesis of your recommendations. 

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Global Health : Final Project Two Submission: Policy Analysis and Testimony Transcript
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** SELECTED POLICY :  is the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP). The HRRP was established in 2012 under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). **

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: 

 I.  Introduction 

 1.  Summarize the policy that is the focus of your evaluation. Include in your summary the purpose of the policy, its scope and main points, its stakeholders and constituents, and its relation to other policies (if applicable). 

 2.  Explain the development of the policy, considering policymakers and their political standing, timelines, and budget restrictions. 

 3.  Explain your rationale for choosing the policy, using your research as support for your choice. 

 II.  Evaluation 

 1.  Determine the policy’s strengths and weaknesses in its ability to provide positive and/or negative change for its target population. Support your  response with examples. 

 2.  Assess the extent to which the policy meets the needs of its target population, using data to support your claims. 

 3.  Explain any unintended impacts as a result of the policy. Consider populations, economics, and social or cultural factors in your response. 

III.  Recommendations 

 1.  Evaluate the efficacy of the policy in addressing population needs without negatively impacting the target population or other populations. 

 2.  Justify key areas of improvement that could better the policy, supported with evidence. 

 3.  Recommend an appropriate policy improvement supported by your research. 

 4.  Advocate for or against the policy in a concise, supported statement. 

IV.  Testimony: Draft a testimony transcript advocating for or against the policy, including any recommendations to improve the policy. Be sure to direct the testimony toward an appropriate policymaking body (e.g., a Senate committee). 

Guidelines for Submission: Your final submission should be 8 to 10 pages in length (not including title, reference, or appendix pages) with a 3- to 5-page testimony attached as an appendix. Use 12-point Times New Roman font, double spacing, and the most recent APA standards for formatting and referencing.

Attached is the grading rubric and a sample of the required transcript.

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