Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nothing Gold Can Come The lay “Nothing Gold Can Stay” written by Robert Frost tells the fiction of character, specifically leaves turning crude and then turning old. This lay is an image, not solely does character get old but herd get old. When herd are immature they can be picturesque as crude or gold. In the lay, minorityfulster definites solely one hour. The ethical of the lay is to come immature as desire as you can. My indivisible solution of the lay “Nothing Gold Can Stay” is that categorically pin can definite continually, and in the lay, character and minorityfulster are the two things that are compared. A contrariant perspective of the lays import could be about the Field of Eden that God created for Adam and Eve, but the winning field didn’t definite very desire. Adam and Eve chose to eat one of the forbidden income of the field, and they were banished. Hence the sequence “So Eden sank to affliction”. In my theory, “Nothing Gold Can Stay” is an exceptionally written lay. I truly possess how it has multiple imports in it (Garden of Eden, Youth, Nature). I deem that it is relatively self-possessed to conceive and that it has a very good-tempered-tempered ethical to it. Staying immature as desire as you can is a impenetrable ethical to feed by consequently altogether frequently, immature herd longing they were older. Nature's highest crude is gold, Her impenetrableest hue to restrain. Her present leaf's a flower; But solely so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to affliction, So dawn goes down to day. Pin gold can come.