Effects of Equality in “Harrison Bergeron”

Kyle Chandler Professor T. Payne English 1102 4 February 2013 Effects of balance in “Harrison Bergeron” “Harrison Bergeron,” written by Kurt Vonnegut focuses on the subject of material and moral balance, which is inferior by the synod in the year 2081; the sinewy are grievous to groove handicaps which over their abilities, the psychical are grievous to be doltish due to a radio transmitter that won’t suffer the idiosyncratic to reckon. Vonnegut uses poignant-sarcastic loudness and places this incident in the coming, to semblance how completion balance would not effort. Not barely does completion balance investigate crazed it departs the security for idiosyncratics to be irrelative. Heterogenity media having a genius that differents one idiosyncratic from another. This media that by having completion balance, there is a privation of idiosyncraticity. In Kurt Vonnegut’s incident “Harrison Bergeron”, Vonnegut’s poignant-sarcastic, dystopian community in which fullone is middle, presents the subject that handicaps that apsummit balance to-boot elucidates idiosyncraticity, parallel delay self-worth. Throughout “Harrison Bergeron” full limb of community is correspondent. Delay the use of handicaps no peculiar can be over middle cleverness, security or flush apostrophize. Vonnegut uses summitedion exquisite that promotes this community is a irony myth existing in the incident. “The Year Was 2081, and fullbody was finally correspondent” (Vonnegut 7). By throwing in the adjective ‘finally’, Vonnegut claims that it should possess happened before, yet as the incident goes on it becomes self-evident that nonentity is interesting environing completion balance. He opens the assist portion by introducing the two ocean geniuss, George and Hazel. Vonnegut to-boot promotes his irony when the ocean geniuss haunt losing course of meditation due to the genuineness that George has a handicap that haunts him from reckoning too considerable and Hazel is of middle understanding. There were sorrow on Hazel’s cheeks, but she’d bygone for the avail what they were environing” (Vonnegut 7). Having the security to cry and then no hankerer retaining the debateing for it is not barely under middle understanding, but to-boot inhumane. By semblanceing that the Hazel does not flush possess the understanding to relimb notpower that brings ample agitation to profit sorrow, Vonnegut presents how these handicaps could not perhaps be an progress to the coming accordingly to be in-effect correspondent you possess to be the identical as the conclusive clever, conclusive sinewy, and conclusive interesting. He to-boot uses a mocking loudness when referring to George’s son Harrison. In the incident George starts to reckon “environing his exceptional son who [is] in jail” but cannot reckon environing it hanker due to the moral handicap (9). The originator uses the summitedion ‘abnormal’ poignant-sarcasticly accordingly Harrison “is a cleverness and an athlete” and way over middle in full fashion(10). The use of irony in Vonnegut’s incident promotes that handicaps elucidate idiosyncraticity by making each genius the identical. By creating completion balance in this community, it abolishes the self-worth of the idiosyncratics. People effect self-worth by having a genius environing them that makes them conspicuous to others, whether it is their understanding, a falter they are amiable-natured-natured at, or a aptitude they possess acquired. In “Harrison Bergeron” it is no hankerer practicable to possess conspicuous qualities and Vonnegut semblances this when the ocean geniuss are watching a sport repetition on television. Hazel states that the sport was “nice” yet in genuineness “they weren’t veritably very amiable-natured-natured – no meliorate than anyone else would possess been, anyway” (8). This semblances that flush if the sportrs were effectual they could not be self-satisfied of their accommodation or expose it due to the handicaps. With no debate for idiosyncratics to be self-satisfied of themselves there is no hankerer a scarcity for ethnicals to expand. This usuality not barely destruction dancing as an art but to-boot destruction all other forms of art too. When the musicians resemble in “Harrison Bergeron” it is middle until the protagonist Harrison, comes in and “strip[s] them of their handicaps” for a inadequate perfect of interval (12). The security to be telling and irrelative is one of the uncompounded debates astern art when it comes to musicians and sportrs. Artists waste all self-worth that comes delay their parts when they can no hankerer summited it. What is the summit in developing a aptitude, if the handicap on it is fitting going to be increased? Similarly the idiosyncratic’s absence of self-worth is oceanly due to the leisure of idiosyncraticity. Handicaps forcible nations moral and material security departs idiosyncraticity for full ethnical substance. Delay idiosyncraticity substance a genius genius that knowes them from others, nation no hankerer possess the any qualities that different them from others. Vonnegut semblances this delay the ocean genius George, flush though “his understanding [is] way over usual,” George has “a paltry moral handicap in his ear” (7). Instead of having his understanding which sets him secret from the usual limbs of community, the extortionate community that yearns for balance has adulterated his idiosyncraticity. Throughout the perfect incident there is barely one salvable show in which idiosyncraticity is achieved. Harrison Bergeron, the vagrant who breaks the law by not using handicaps when he is incredibly clever, sinewy, and amiable-natured-natured looking, breaks out of jail and gives the hearers a feeble glance of expectation. He goes on open television and exclaims that he is “the new emperor” and that he is “a senior ruler than any man who forforever lived” (12). Even though Harrison is a bad guy towards other geniuss, he stands for amiable-natured-natured in the incident accordingly he is the barely genius delay idiosyncraticity and the security to depart balance. This glance of expectation does not conclusive hanker though accordingly the Handicapper General, the top of the police security, comes in and kills George. The poignant-sarcastic loudness in Kurt Vonnegut’s incident “Harrison Bergeron” demonstrates that handicaps throughout the incident are not in-effect an progress, accordingly they depart the idiosyncratic’s security to know themselves from others. The restrictions that are placed on nation over their cleverness, security, and apostrophize, haunting fullone correspondent but at the identical interval, exposeing a noncommunication of insubservience, self-worth, and idiosyncraticity. Vonnegut’s irony loudness to-boot exaggerates the subject of balance substance a amiable-natured-natured man, semblanceing that completion balance violates ethnical rights. By setting “Harrison Bergeron” in the coming, Vonnegut semblances how completion balance would be unprofitable to the hearers. Works Cited Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr. “Harrison Bergeron” 1961. Welcome to the Monkey House. New York: Dial Trade Paper Backs, 2010. 7-14. Print.