Posted: November 7th, 2022


ONLY answer questions 70 and 72. Question 70 is Report 2 and question 72 is Report 4. ONLY answer questions 46,48,and 50.  Question 46 is Report 6, question 48 is Report 8 and question 50 is Report 11. Answer the following questions for each question:

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70. Report 2

CPT Code_______

ICD-10-CM codes: ______(secondary neoplasm), ______(primary neoplasm), ______(vena cava syndrome), ________(catheter complication),__________(hypertension), ___________(nerve pain)

ICD-9-CM codes: _________,________,_________,_________,_________,_________

72. Report 4

CPT code___________

46. Report 6

CPT code(s)_____________

ICD-10-CM code(s)___________

ICD-9-CM code(s)______________

48. Report 8

CPT code(s)______________

ICD-10-CM code(s)____________

ICD-9-CM code(s)____________

50. Report 11

CPT code(s)_____________

ICD-10-CM code(s)____________

ICD-9-CM code(s)______________

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