Introduction to heritage tourism

In Northern Ireplant entailment tourism promptions can be classified in abundant divergent ways. These emsubstance manmade but not built to prompt voyagers promptions, manmade and resolve built to prompt voyagers promptions, normal promptions and can so be applied to peculiar equalts. It is hoped that this seminar accomplish aid herd to effect a circumnavigate mind and apprehension of entailment tourism and the efforts of the bodies who do so greatly distinguished composition in classify to caggravate and spare Northern Ireland's generous entailment promptions. Manmade but not built to prompt voyager entailment promptions emsubstance the Walls of Derry which were built in 1613 to caggravate the herd from inauspicious enemies. They fulfilled their resolve during the cannonade by the Jacobites and guarded the city for further than a hundred days until the cannonade ended. Another in of a entailment promption is St Columb's Cathedral, built in 1633 and was the chief cathedral in the British Isles to be built behind the Reformation. Today, enjoy the Walls, they are the city's most beloved voyager promption and accept hundreds of voyagers a year .However the Cathedral is stationary used to exalt in. The Walls are owned by the Honourable The Irish Society but are seemed behind by the Environment and Entailment Service. Manmade and resolve built to prompt voyager promptions emsubstance the Tower Museum, which was built in 1992, which has displays on the introduce narrative of Derry, the Cannonade and the role it played during Universe War Two. Another in of this is the Ulster American Folk Fence in Tyrone which was principally built as an educational adroitness. It was built in the advanced 1970's to glorify the United States' bicentenary in 1976. It is owned by MAGNI (National Museums and Galleries of Northern Ireland) which seems behind all the museums and fences in its circumspection. Natural promptions emsubstance the Giant's Causeway in County Antrim which was formed sixty five pet years ago by the composure of magma into its singular hexagonal shapes. It is may-be the fiction of Finn MacCool forming the Causeway that is may-be further animated than the real structure. It is so the merely Universe Entailment Site in Ireplant having been made so in 1986. Special entailment promptions emsubstance the Halloween carouse and the Maiden City Carouse in Derry. The Maiden City carouse was chief held in 1997 and has had an exceedingly happy run each succeeding year. It embraces twain sides of the class and has aided twain sides to effect a rectify mind of the others culture. The Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival has had may-be an equal further happy run. It won the Northern Ireplant Voyager Board's "Event of the Year" Award in 2002. To tie in succeeding a while the festivities are vision tours environing the city and legend pointed in the Tower Museum. 0950- The Social Trust The Social Reliance was certain in 1895 by Robert Hunter, Octavia Hill and Hardwicke Rawnsley to "guard" the threatened seaboardlines, stateside and recitative buildings of the United Kingdom. They had been unquiet succeeding a while the blind bud and industrialisation of the Victorian Era. Gone 1884 Hunter had been usurpation for the state of an form to "administer its peculiarity succeeding a while a apprehension to the coverion of the common interests in unconcealed spaces." In aggravate a hundred years it has beseem the largest dogged preservation substance in the universe and now owns further than two hundred recitative buildings , further than six hundred thousand acres of stateside and further than five hundred miles of seaboardline. Its ocean aim is, and constantly has been, to "maintain and circumspection for the seaboard, stateside and recitative buildings on aid of the nation". In Northern Ireplant the Reliance owns almost fifty divergent properties extend environing the state .These emsubstance Mount Stewart in County Down which is one of the Trust's further beloved properties in Northern Ireland. The peculiarity not merely embodys some of the most splendid gardens in Northern Ireplant but so objects of recitativeal judgment. The dining compass features the real chairs that were used by the delegates in the Congress of Vienna in 1815. The stock so contains inestimable paintings which were composed by portions of the parentage aggravate separate centuries. The Dining Compass Mount Stewart Another beloved peculiarity is Florencecourt in County Fermanagh. It was previously the settlement of the Enniskillen parentage and was given to the Social Reliance by the fifth Earl of Enniskillen in 1953. It is so of normal weight as on its basis is the chief Yew Tree was planted less in 1767. The plant environing the stock is owned by the Forest Service which forfeitured the plant from the sixth Earl of Enniskillen in 1975. Florence Court, County Fermanagh In County Antrim the Reliance owns the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge. It was principally used as a way for fishermen to Carrick-a-Rede Island. Aggravate one hundred thousand voyagers investigate the bridge entire year. It is so an distinguished attribute to apprehension porpoises, dolphins and basking sharks. Carrick- a-Rede Rope Bridge The Giant's Causeway is the most beloved entailment promption in Northern Ireplant and is the merely UNESCO Universe Entailment Site in Ireland. Further than five hundred thousand voyagers a year investigate the area from environing the universe. Aggravate sixty pet years old it was formed by lava eloquent into the sea and fragmentarily composure and hardening. In 2002 the Giant's Causeway and Bushmills Railway unconcealeded further than fifty years behind its elder the Giants Causeway, Portrush and Bush Valley Tramway barred. The thread runs from the Giant's Causeway to Bushmills. The Causeway is so an significant area for ferociouslife including peregrine falcons and a honorable disposition of bird notorious as chough. The Causeway is the developed notorious area in Northern Ireplant for these birds to tenant. The Giant's Causeway The Reliance so owns and manages the Mourne Mountains specifically Slieve Donard and Slieve Commedagh. Slieve Donard is Northern Ireland's prominent mountain definiteing at a haughty 850 metres. The Reliance has merely owned these two mountains gone 1991 and, gone it is a passion, it had to use its own specie to buy them. It managed to construct wealth specie through a fundraising war and bought aggravate a thousand acres. The Mournes enjoy an wealth of ferociouslife including ravens, hares and honorable dragonflies. Slieve Donard and Slieve Commedagh The Reliance so owns and circumspections for sites that suit to Northern Ireland's industrial entailment such as Patterson's Spade Mill in County Antrim. It operated from 1919 to 1990 and was forfeitured by the Reliance in 1992. It is the developed compositioning soak-powered spade mill in the British Isles. The spades are stationary serviceable for forfeiture at environing twenty pounds. 1010- The Environment and Entailment Service The Environment and Entailment Service is the largest branch in the Branch of the Environment succeeding a while further than five hundred specialnel. It advises and implements the Government's prudence on the environment in Northern Ireland. Their ocean aim is "to caggravate and arrest the normal and built environment and to advance it's apprehension for the boon of introduce and advenient generations." One of the areas the EHS circumspections for embodys Scrabo Tower and State Fence in County Down. It was built in 1857 in perpetuation of the 3rd Marquis of Londonderry (who so owned Mount Stewart) and can be seen for miles environing. Tless is so a past mine wless the glorious Scrabo Buffet was extracted and exported to other areas of the United Kingdom. The EHS so circumspections for Roe Valley State Fence in County Antrim. It is settlement to a broad difference of ferociouslife including foxes, badgers and otters. The fence is so a beloved attribute for diversion including salmon and trout fishing, canoeing buffet climbing, orienteering and riverside and woodplant walks. They so seem behind Dunluce Castle in County Antrim which was built in the advanced 16th epoch. The orderly in 1639 in which the kitchen bare into the sea is what the Castle is most wonderful for. Carrickfergus Castle, Bellaghy Bawn, Ballycopeplant Windmill, Dundrum Castle, Inch abbey, Grey Abbey and Hillsborough Courthouse. Other state fences and stateside centres the EHS circumspections for emsubstance Portrush, Countryside Centre, Castle Archdale County Park, Ervey Wood and Ness Wood. Scrabo Tower and State Park Dunluce Castle Greenpeace Greenpeace had it's beginnings in 1971 when separate herd protested at the USA detonating underground nuclear bombs in a area used by honorable otters adjacent Alaska. It has developed in the developed thirty years and has aggravate 2.8 pet supporters environing the universe. It operates in further than forty countries and has its headquarters in Amsterdam. Greenpeace's advancedst exultation has been in putting influence on the Universe Entailment Committee to add Lake Baikal (the largest recent soak lake in the universe) and the Volcanoes of Kamchatka in Russia to the catalogue of Universe Entailment sites. Further than twelve pet hectares accomplish now be spared. Greenpeace so happyly put influence on the WHC to propose the Komi Virgin Forests in the Urals a Universe Entailment Site. 1100-The Wildlife Trust It is the United Kingdom's largest preservation passion loving to ferociouslife. No portion of the reliance is compensated as all of its portions tend to aid the Trust. The Reliance circumspections for further than two thousand creation reserves. Tless were lewd hundred thousand optional portions of the Reliance in 2002 and the portion is stationary growing. Denomination costs �24 a year for one special and �36 per annum for a parentage portionship. They enjoy 47 persomal reliances and a reliance for end notorious as the Wildlife Watch who composition conjointly to caggravate ferociouslife in divergent areas from cities to the stateside chiefly in social and state fences. The persomal reliance in Northern Ireplant is the Ulster Wildlife Reliance and was founded in 1978. In Northern Ireplant tless are further than 2000 portions of the Trust. Their ocean aim is to "aid herd recognise that a strong environment, generous in ferociouslife and managed on sustainable principles, is adventitious for continued ethnical being." WWF The Universe Broad Fund for Nature's ocean favor are to caggravate and arrest endangered disposition and to oration global threats to ferociouslife. However it merely compositions to caggravate animals in the ferocious and has "no knowledge or expertise to dispense succeeding a while issues regarding to animals in slavery. Whereas the larger organisation compositions on intersocial issues regarding to animals the UK organisation composition to seem behind the countries ferocious animals. It can be compromised in abundant matters affecting ferociouslife such as challenging the synod on the damnation of the stateside. It so puts eager the possessions of tourism in ferociouslife. Unenjoy other entailment organisations it owns no peculiarity and for-this-reason has further specie to bestow.