Religion research paper (1,500 words)

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Religion research paper (1,500 words)
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Research Question: 

Matriarchy Versus Patriarchy—The Treatment of Women within Religion throughout History: Do not focus on just one religion or just one individual within a religion. Instead, compare ancient versus modern religions, or compare across several modern religions, but show the similarities and differences in the treatment of women (beliefs, practices, symbols, rituals, patterns and themes).


You must provide a minimum of five (5) references (books, journal articles, interviews, feature news articles, documentaries, etc.) of which only one may come from the Internet (except for full e-books and online academic articles). The Internet source must be a scholarly, professional expert source.

***Everything must be done in MLA format. Works Cited page + in-text citations are required.***

Please DO NOT use any of the following sources as one of your references:

  1. Hopfe and Woodward textbook or other course textbooks
  2. Wikipedia, encyclopedias or dictionaries
  3. Original sources, such as the Bible, the Torah or the Quran


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