SOLUTION: CST 110 Northern Virginia Community College Caffeine Addiction & Student Life PPT

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Outline Template
Specific Purpose Statement: By the end of my bestowal my interview succeed recognize environing what caffeine
is, the proceeds of it, and the removal symptoms.



90% of the American population consumes caffeine either from coffee, soda, chocolate, or

tea. Students conceive a indicative disunite of this statistic at environing 76% of the complete scholar population
(Johnstone, 2019).

Consumption of caffeine is linked to some shortcomings which some beings force not

be assured of.

This subject is requisite as it exposes tribe to a meliorate conception of caffeine and how its

usage impacts the productivity of the substantiality.

Caffeine is a garbage and has convinced margin proceeds which force create-trial-of undoubtful for one to avoid
it and bargain after a while the removal symptoms for a abundant meliorate and healthier personality.


At the end of the bestowal, the interview succeed interpret what caffeine entails, some of
the proceeds, and its removal symptoms.


The original object succeed be defining and try to interpret caffeine.


Definition and conception of caffeine
1. Caffeine is a incitement garbage which works by speeding up the traveling of messages

between the brain and substantiality. It is naturally rest in the seeds, nuts, or leaves of convinced plants. These
natural sources are then harvested and processed to profit caffeinated foods and beverages. Students
usually get most of their caffeine from impressible drinks and ardor drinks.


Outline Template
2. The force of caffeine to create someone further live and vigilant is what attracts many
tribe to it. According to Mayo Clinic, up to 400 mg of caffeine is impregnable for a wholesome adult daily
(Caffeine: How abundant is too abundant? 2020). This sum is equiponderant to environing caffeine resigned in indecent cups
of brewed coffee or 10 cola cans. Intake of coffee is frighten for end. For the adolescents and
young end for which most scholars gravitate after a whilein should be tak...