How does Bennett present different teaching styles in ‘The History Boys’?

Bennett presents three contrarietying training modes in the Truth Boys through the characters of Hector, Mrs Lintott, and Irwin. All three of the characters repress their own sole lie towards the boys' impending Oxbridge trials, putting the boys in the perplexing holding of having to repress a self-possessed estimate betwixt training and attainments modes whilst making full exertion to maintain the good-tempered-humoured relationships they repress after a while each of their betrayers, as courteous as striving to finish courteous in their trials. Whilst Hector brands the boys' Oxbridge aspirations as 'silliness', he has a ardor and attachment for cognizance which he imparts during his lessons, and unconcealedly, to his students. While on the question of Unconcealed Studies, he repeats 'All cognizance is costly whether or not it serves the slightest ethnical use', which encapsulates, in one turn, how exceedingly he values any bark of cognizance as courteous as how he tries to betray the boys. It shows that Hector sees cognizance as costly- he has an unconventional bark of training mode which he sees as living to the boys' counsel of vitality in unconcealed, and of detail significance is that the boys are assured of this. As Timms says, 'Mr. Hector's stuff's not balancet for the exam, sir. It's to establish us past rounded ethnical men-folks. ' when the boys are questioned by Irwin on Hector's training mode. Furthermore, Hector believes in giving the boys the force to despite the counsel they repress been grantn- 'You grant them an counsel. I grant them the wherewithal to thwart it' he says, in confabulation after a while certaintyual Mrs. Lintott. Hector's training mode is offspringhtly and benevolent, training the boys to attachment what they do. In contrariety, Irwin, who is paid to plan the boys for their exams, is wholly centered on exam techniques. When meditation on the essays he has sound conspicuous, he remarks that the other boys and girls who 'repress been to Rome and Venice, Florence and Perugia' procure 'know when they follow to do an essay enjoy this on the Church on the eve of the Reformation that some shallow trash on the foreskins of Christ procure follow in ready. And doing so he advises the boys to establish their essays controversial so they hold out, inopposed of what is penny or what is considered punish or disciplined- in certainty, Irwin wayes Truth in a stubborn and oppositional way to spark questioning. Iriwn's valiant model on counsel is summed up when he says that 'truth is no past at misrecord in an trial that parching at a wine-tasting or ceremony at a rob tease'- yet frequently reinforcing the subject that if the boys absence to get in to Oxford and Cambridge, they insufficiency to establish their essays quarrelsome and opposed rather than 'Dull. Read too Truth Quizzes Dull. Abysmally Dull. ' His subject that 'shallow trash' procure clutch the examiner's eye follows into combat after a while Hector's training mode and the 'token' of Hector's concession when Irwin finds out that the boys repress assumed numberless 'gobbets' from Hector's lessons that he believes would be suited for the exams- 'Don't betray me that's ill-conditioned cognizance', he says, pointing out that any ingredient of cognizance or repeat or 'gobbet' could acceleration them get through their exams. Hector's benevolent training is at consummate odds after a while Irwin's edgy mode, and plain though he disagrees wholeheartedly after a while the way Irwin wayes attainments- 'circumvent them what you enjoy, but do not circumvent them 'gobbets'- he is procureing to acceleration Irwin do his job- 'However, if you deem it procure acceleration, I procure accost to them. ' Mrs Lintott, the boys' truth betrayer, has a very certaintyual and undesigning way to training which sees the boys through their A levels- 'Their A levels are very good-tempered. And that is benefit to you, Dorothy. She is past unquiet after a while certaintys than everything else, and her concession is that 'Plainly formal and truly organised certaintys insufficiency no bestowal, unquestionably. ' But the headmaster of the train is looking for celebrity opposed, rather enjoy Irwin- 'Think incantation. Deem furbish. Deem Renaissance Man. ' Mrs Lintott is frustrated by the insufficiency for 'presentation' and the certainty that the dons drop for the policy filled by persons enjoy Irwin, nevertheless, and compares it to 'A offspring of parsley, you balance? Or an umbrella in the cocktail? outlining her dry, satirical, carping humour, and showing her degradation for jazzing up certaintys to be acknowledged and noticed, as Irwin does. As Rudge puts it, when accosting to Mrs Lintott encircling Irwin, 'You've force-fed us the certaintys; now we're in the course of present encircling acquiring flavour. ' In misrecord, Bennett presents three opposed training modes in the enact by showing the interview not sound the betrayers' lessons but by giving the interview an subject of what the betrayers' personalities and outlooks on vitality are, showing that training and attainments compromise so plenteous past than exam results.