Sba in History

Teachers succeed be notified as to whether they are required to comply SBA scantlings to CXC. It is recommended that ALL theme teachers preparing aspirants for the evidence collaborate in (i) (ii) setting the assignments, criteria and note schemes standardizing the noteing of the assignments.If requested, the Capital must comply ONE SBA scantling consisting of the employment of FIVE aspirants. B. INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELECTING THE SAMPLE RANDOM SAMPLING (i) After the aspirants’ SBA chargess entertain been entered electronically, the scantling for the capital succeed be automatically separated by the e-SBA rule using the subjoined procedure: * * The sum SBA chargess for all aspirants succeed be compact in manage of execution, from foremost to smallest charges.The e-SBA rule succeed then prime the aspirant who gained the • • • • • (ii) (iii) (iv) foremost charges average (median) charges smallest charges charges that is midway among the foremost charges and average charges charges that is midway among the smallest charges and the average charges The Capital must comply by the prevalent deadline, ONLY the scantling that has been separated by the e-SBA rule. Where the reckon of aspirants is less than five, comply the assignments of ALL aspirants.Since resit aspirants are not expected to agree the School-Based Assessment, they should not be comprised in the ranked catalogue and their employment should not be complyted. C. MATERIALS TO BE SUBMITTED TO CXC The Capital (team of teachers) must comply to CXC: (i) (ii) ONE completed RECORD OF MARKS FOR SCHOOL-BASED ASSESSMENT for ALL aspirants at the capital (electronically) If requested, • • the projects of the FIVE aspirants separated ONE completed MODERATION OF SCHOOL-BASED ASSESSMENT FORMThe Local Registrars succeed agree the epoch by which ALL materials MUST be dispatched to their offices to secure opportune acquiescence to CXC. Samples and calmness forms must be packaged partially from history for delivery to the Local Registrars. All history are forwarded by the Local Registrar to the Council’s Headquarters and scantlings and calmness forms are forwarded to the appertaining noteing venues. Revised 08-10-2010