Posted: November 25th, 2022


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Should be at least350 words, APA format

Question 1

The United States Government is striving to have an open, but secure border. What would be the consequences/impact to the United States if the border was suddenly made less open and more secure?

2) Should the “need to know” be replaced by the “need to share” as stated in the 9/11 Commission Report? Why or why not? Fully explain your position.

3) What is the role of the Department of Defense in border and coastal security? What is the DOD’s relationship with the Department of Homeland Security as it pertains to border security? How does DOD support civil authorities?


Question 2

1) Define pay riding. What is free riding? Over time, can the unilateral solution likely turn into a multilateral one?

2) “Is it cost effective to spend millions and millions of dollars in an effort to stop a hand-full of people” who are bound to terrorize the United States?

3) What is the “Hardened Border Paradox? What is the “Open Border Paradox? How can both be overcome?

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