Posted: January 25th, 2023

HLTH – 556 Article Review 1&2 – Urgently Required. 24 Hours at the max. Need two assignments. Separate articles. Need A + Work

You are required to submit a 1–2-page review of a current scholarly article on the current healthcare legislations and its possible effects on the healthcare system. Please try to locate political neutral articles. You will utilize the Article Review Form provided in the Assignment Instruction folder. Article reviews will include the following elements:

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HLTH – 556 Article Review 1&2 – Urgently Required. 24 Hours at the max. Need two assignments. Separate articles. Need A + Work
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1. Author’s proposed purpose/goal of the Article – Provide a brief overview of the article, its intended audience, and its purpose.

2. Analysis of Key Issues – Analyze the article’s key issues discussing their strengths and weaknesses, providing evidence to support your opinions.

3. Conclusions/Findings/Assumption – Discuss the author’s conclusions, findings or assumption as they relate to the current healthcare discussion. Also identify any social or political position the author is promoting.

4. Personal assessment and reflection – Provide several assessments of how the article can be used in support or rejection of current healthcare policy and clearly relates them to biblical principles.

Format the reviews and all references/citations used in your review in APA or AMA style and see the Article Review Grading Rubric for the specific grading criteria.

I need two different assignments for the same instructions. I need 1.5 pages each. The work has to be perfect. No chance of re-submission. Please make sure its an A.

Please go through the Grading Rubic and read all instructions and fill the Article review form. Just leave the Name as blank, all others to be filled.

 Remember this is not a news article but some form of research or at least an article from a health-care journal or source. Newspaper, news magazines, or opinionated blogs are not the direction I want you to go. Let’s also deal with health-care policy and its effects on the consumer or government. This should be very easy to find. Follow the instructions and the rubric to assure full points. 

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