Influence to Hong Kong as an International Logistics Hub

[pic] Influence to Hong Kong as an interdiplomatic logistics hub - inferior the “Frameeffect Consonance on Hong Kong and Guangdong Co-operation” | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Influence to Hong Kong as an interdiplomatic logistics hub - inferior the “Frameeffect Consonance on Hong Kong nd Guangdong Co-operation” cvnru1ulicenen6. iewst4d)0/su18. 4h06k244-055322175 (on ABSTRACT On 7 April 2010, The Chief Executive, Mr Donald Tsang, and the Governor of Guangdong Province, Mr Huang Huahua, identified the Frameeffect Consonance on Hong Kong and Guangdong Co-operation. The Frameeffect Consonance institutes on years of air-tight consortment unordered Hong Kong and Guangdong. This relation reviews the outbud of Consortment Consonance unordered Guangdong and Hong Kong and the implementation of Hong Kong’s logistics toil installed on the consonance. To abundantly inferiorstand this Frameeffect Agreement, we test the challenges confronting Hong Kong as an interdiplomatic logistic hub and so-far win some blessings through the consortment of Hong Kong and Guangdong. REVIEW THE DEVELOPMENT OF CO-OPERATION AGREEMENT BETWEEN PEARL RIVER DELTA AND HONG KONG The Mainplant and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Provision - CEPA (identified on June 2003) CEPA introduced liberalization measures for divers “Hong Kong labor suppliers”. Logistics toil is one of the “Hong Kong labor suppliers” and customary to set up wholly-owned invadeprises in mainplant to contribute logistics, interdiplomatic load self-assertiveing, storage, warehousing, course ecstasy and shipping labors. This provision not singly contributed opportunities to Hong Kong logistics companies to appropinquation mainplant dispense but as-well-behaved irresponsible tradeing in consequence and tradeing in labors unordered mainplant and Hong Kong. Pan-Pearl River Delta Regional Consortment Frameeffect Consonance (identified on June 2004) The Pearl River Delta harborion(PRD), as notorious as "9+2", which embodys Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Hainan, Hunan, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Hong Kong and Macau. Inferior this consonance, the Pearl River Delta harborion cooperated air-tight and intensively in infrastructure, tradeing, toil, siege and other areas. Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau feel invadeed a new mark of economic integration. Pan-Pearl River Delta Logistics Outbud Consortment Consonance (identified on July 2005) Logistics toil acts as an considerefficacious role in economic outgrowth. This consonance aimed to fortify the coordination on logistics intentning; logistics and ecstasy scheme; logistics instruction scheme and affableized instrument outbud and technological reversal. It was a famous mark of copy logistics outbud in PRD. Frameeffect Consonance on Hong Kong and Guangdong Consortment (identified on July 2010) To abide the implementation of CEPA, the Frameeffect Consonance on Hong Kong and Guangdong Consortment evidently defined the gregarious economic outbud unordered Hong Kong and Guangdong. It rectifyd Hong Kong’s pose as an interdiplomatic financial principal and despatchd the outbud of financial labors industries in Guangdong; it as-well-behaved disposed the run of key factors such as mob, consequence, instruction and laudpotent opposing the word to institute an interdiplomatic aviation, shipping and logistics hub and a world-rank novel economic circulation ball. A train of environmental shelter intents feel been carried out to produce a noble condition buttress area unordered the PRD. CO-OPERATION INITIATIVES ON CUSTOMS CLEARANCE OF GOODS The Frameeffect Consonance on Hong Kong and Guangdong Consortment has comprised infraorganization contrivances to rectify logistics outbud and despatch and perverse-word outgrowth. To finish the facilitation of the run of consequence opposing the word, Hong Kong and Guangdong feel put self-assertive a estimate of biased policies and measures. Hong Kong Synod advocated the standardization of the instruction and axioms required by the duty of the mainland. Hong Kong foremost effecting the electronic Course Consequence Scheme (ROCARS) in May 2010 to qualify seamless colliquation of course consequencees. Retrogression this new electronic instruction platcontrive and instituteing on the substratum of reciprocal consortment and blessing, Hong Kong and Mainplant Duty are efficacious to constitute exalt gift to rectify duty colliquation aptitude and dispose perverse-word motion of consequence. Course Consequence Scheme (ROCARS) The bestow duty colliquation provision at intentt word govern points (LBCP), a trade driver has to bung foremost at an Immigration kiosk and then a Duty kiosk. He hands a Nursing essay disclosed which contains appropriate consequence instruction at the passing to a Duty official who enumerates on the disgrace whether material neglect is compulsory. It needs to live for a driftance until it is prevailing by the Customs. ROCARS allows Duty Officers to complete despatch profiling anteriorly a trade arrives at LBCP. A shipper or principal needs to contribute consequence axioms in prospect fields to the Duty and Excise Department (C&ED) electronically anteriorly the consequence invades or exits Hong Kong by trade. Meanwhile, the shipper or principal receives a duty consider estimate for his delegation. The driver of a laden trade needs to relation to C&ED amid 30 minutes anteriorly his trade arriving LBCP, concomitantly retrogression the duty consider estimate of the delegation unquiet common from the shipper and his demeanor registration estimate. If it is not separated by the Customs, no material neglect is required. Benefits of ROCARS ROCARS allows the Duty officials spend despatch profiling on complete consequence delegation in walk and enumereprimand whether a trade needs to be inspected. All perverse-word trades, exclude those are separated for neglect, they possess seamless duty colliquation at the intentt word. It acceptions the aptitude and abridges the span for duty colliquation of course consequencees; it as-well-behaved fixs a allay run of intentt word intercourse. For the ecstasyation and logistics toil, manifold trade drivers hand a loaded container from China factory via Hong Kong and the consequence are to be transshipped aggravateseas by liner vessel. ROCARS can rectify accelerated and assure motion of consequencees unordered Hong Kong and China. As a engagementination, consequencees can be handed on span to liner vessel stably and veritable. It encourages the outbud of Hong Kong as an interdiplomatic logistics hub. COLLABORATION ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY To dispose instruction run and labor integration towards Hong Kong and Mainland, Hong Kong inaugurated to lay-disclosed and own-effect the Digital Dealing and Conduct Neteffect (DTTN) on 2005. The aim of DTTN is to inferior the barriers for slender and medium-sized invadeprises (SMEs) to possess e-commerce; it contributes Hong Kong and the PRD retrogression an e-infraorganization to assure the harborion’s fix as a adventitious interdiplomatic logistics hub. Digital Dealing and Conduct Neteffect (DTTN) DTTN is an e-platcontrive to concatenate the organizations in trading, logistics and financial industries and to qualify them to change calling documents electronically retrogression their trading part-amongners. It assistances the healthy yield compacts, including Sellers and Buyers, Carriers, Load Forwarders, Terminals, Synod and Agencies, Neglect Agencies, Security Institutions and Banking Institutions; it contributes a distant concatenate of labors on intimation routing and transmutation, axioms bequest, statistical and analytical relationing. Over 80 superior documents such as Purchase or Sales prescribe, Packing roll, Shipping prescribe, House waybill, Duty colliquation or Letter of Credit…etc can be befriended by DTTN labor which disposes the instruction run and labor integration on trading, logistics, finance, drift and ship-produce callinges. Benefits of DTTN DTTN qualifys new calling opportunities for logistic labor contributers to contribute value-add labors; Hong Kong logistics toil can emulate as bonus labor pioneer on noble condition value-added labors rather than just competing on consume. Logistics instruction run is one of the key factors for the companies to finish victory. DTTN aid to maximize the blessings of e-logistics by utilizing a consume potent infrastructure. It is a impartial, assure and reliefficacious e-platcontrive for trading and logistics communities which can allay the healthy interdiplomatic logistics exercise and rectify our competitiveness. It exalt prefers harborional integration and rectifys the yield-compact aptitude. IMPLEMENTATION OF INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS With an laudpotent infraorganization and telecommunications facilities, a polite-mannered-behaved-behaved contriveal financial and constitutional scheme, a good-tempered-tempered-tempered interdiplomatic concatenateions and a generous dispense for trading. Hong Kong possesss a estimate of competitive utilitys in lay-space logistic toil. Facing the hasteny bud of logistics outbud in Guangdong sphere, to fortify Hong Kong’s pose as an interdiplomatic logistic hub, HKSAR Synod is urged to lay-disclosed a closer confirmation unordered Hong Kong and PRD. The Frameeffect Consonance on Hong Kong and Guangdong Consortment which precise divers policies on expediting the reading of perverse-word nobleway, reprimand coheres and promotive effects; instituteing a noble rank navigation neteffect in PRD; comely the instrument of the five superior airports in the PDR; proactively seeking exoteric assistance for enlarging the air room in the PDR; assistanceing the aviation foundation of each airport, instituteing a neteffect of short-haul helicopter labors in the PRD. Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) The HMZB contrivance concatenates Hong Kong, Macau and the superior cities in PRD, there allure be a loop of noble hasten cohereage unordered Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Guangxi, Hainan and other south western part-among-among of mainland. (Figure 1. ) [pic] Delineation 1: Retrieved from Pathway Department http://www. nzcchk. com/IBC%202009%2014%20-%20Hong%20Kong%20Zuhai%20Macau%20Bridge%20Project. pdf It consists of three exceptions (Figure 2). The western exception is a cohere course amid Zhuhai and the Zhuhai-Macao Word Crossing Facilities (ZMBCF). The Zhuhai Cohere Course allure concatenate ZMBCF to the inplant area of Zhuhai. The intermediate exception is the HZMB Main Bridge. [pic] Delineation 2: Retrieved from Pathway Department http://www. nzcchk. com/IBC%202009%2014%20-%20Hong%20Kong%20Zuhai%20Macau%20Bridge%20Project. pdf The eastern exception is amid Hong Kong, there allure be a Hong Kong Cohere Course (HKLR) to concatenate the HZMB Main Bridge to the Hong Kong Word Crossing Facilities (HKBCF). Meanwhile, the tunnel of HKLR allure as-well-behaved concatenate Hong Kong Interdiplomatic Airharbor (HKIA) to the HKBCF. HKBCF allure suffice-for as a strategic multi-copy ecstasyation hub, HKBCF allure embody reading consequence and voyager coalesceed facilities, notorious ecstasy barter, disclosed course tolling scheme and some Synod instituteings allure be set up in there. It is judged that the HMZB allure carry aid course haulage labor unordered Hong Kong and mainland, in concatenateion retrogression the bridge, a nobleway is to be built to concatenate Tuen Mun and Chek Lap Lok( TMCLK Cohere and the Tuen Mun Western Bypass) in prescribe to encounter the intercourse insist unordered Northwest New Territories (NWNT) and North Lantau via HKBCF. (Figure 3) [pic] Figure 3: Retrieved from Pathway Department http://www. nzcchk. com/IBC%202009%2014%20-%20Hong%20Kong%20Zuhai%20Macau%20Bridge%20Project. pdf Impacts of the HZMB The excursion unordered Hong Kong and the Western PRD can be abridgeed to amid three hours, it allure catch about 30mins from Zhuhai to Hong Kong Interdiplomatic Airharbor which allure premonitionificantly refer the consume and span for voyager and good-tempered-tempered-tempered run unordered Hong Kong and the Western PRD. In enumeration, the HZMB allure carry awful blessing to Hong Kong, the Mainplant and Macao in the areas of economic outgrowth, tourism, finance, logistics and ultural change. Hong Kong’s logistics toil allure not singly be efficacious to get aid calling in the PRD but as-well-behaved spolite their labors into the inplant area of the Mainplant including the resource-rich Sichuan Province. Hence, it exalt rectifys Hong Kong’s foundation as an interdiplomatic ecstasyation and aviation hub. Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Direct Line (WEL) To prefer the outbud of Qianhai and NWNT and rectify the consortment unordered the two airports in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, there allure be a perverse word reprimandway, WEL, to concatenate the western part-among-among of Hong Kong and Shenzhen, including the two airports. From now the mainplant destinations of HKIA primarily are the mainplant cities far far from Hong Kong such as Shanghai and Beijing. Facing the hasteny economic outbud in Mainland, the insist for domiciliary departures allure abide to acception; there allure be the similar insist of interdiplomatic departures of interdiplomatic transit departure via Hong Kong. It is judged that WEL aids to concatenate the two airports unordered Hong Kong and Shenzhen, it allure aid the two cities in achieving a win-win plight by complementing each other and enhancing competitiveness. Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Direct Reprimand Cohere (XRL) To despatch the reading of divers perverse-word ecstasy infrastructures unordered Hong Kong and Mainland, XRL allure concatenate Hong Kong retrogression the Mainland’s exoteric noble-hasten reprimandway neteffect which allure premonitionificantly refer the excursion span. XRL is an direct reprimand to cohere up Hong Kong retrogression Guangzhou via Futian and Longhua in Shenzhen and Humen in Dongguan. The engagementinus in Guangzhou allure be located at Shibi, which is the principal of the Guangzhou-Foshan metropolitan area. The Mainplant exception of XRL allure initiate from Shibi and invade Hong Kong via Huanggang. (delineation 4) [pic] Delineation 4: Retrieved from Legislative Parliament petty http://legco. gov. k/yr09-10/english/panels/tp/tp_rdp/papers/tp_rdp1022-thb200910a-e. pdf The Hong Kong Exception is inaugurated from Huangguan, there allure be an inferiorground reprimandway vulgar from Huanggang to West Kowloon Terminus at the West Kowloon District, and unordered the Airharbor Direct Kowloon Station and the West Reprimand Austin Station. [pic] Delineation 5: Retrieved from Legislative Parliament petty http://legco. gov. hk/yr07-08/english/panels/tp/tp_rdp/papers/tp_rdp-thbtcr11658199-e. pdf Impacts of the XRL XRL is vitally considerefficacious to Hong Kong. It allure concatenate Hong Kong retrogression the Mainland's exoteric noble-hasten reprimandway neteffect and premonitionificantly refer the excursion span. A skip unordered Hong Kong and Shibi on the XRL allure singly catch 48 minutes, to Wuhan in five hours, and to Shanghai and Beijing in about prospect and 10 hours i-elationively. The XRL allure finish at the New Guangzhou Voyager Terminus at Shibi in Guangzhou. Shibi, concomitantly retrogression the stations at Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan, are designated as the impure superior exoteric reprimandway voyager hubs of the Mainland. The Terminus is prepared to grace a mega ecstasy hub. Hence, XRL allure aid renew Hong Kong’s foundation as a ecstasy, financial and chafferable hub of China. It allure assistance the stayed bud of our impure transmitted economic posts - Financial labors, tourism, logistics, calling assistance and authoritative labors. CONSOLIDATING HONG KONG’S DEVELOPMENT AS AN INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AND LOGISTICS CENTRE Positioning of Hong Kong Interdiplomatic Airport(HKIA) HKIA is the word’s busiest consequence airport, it has handled a archives noble of 4. 13 pet tonnes of consequence in 2010. To encounter the anticipated bud in insist, a new air consequence final is substance contrived and is expected to enter-upon exercise in present 2013; the consequence-handling faculty allure be acceptiond. In crave engagement, instituteing a third runway is compulsory to encounter the foretaste bud of voyager and consequence handling up to 2030. It allure hold the competitive verge of Hong Kong as an interdiplomatic and harborional aviation principal. In aspect of increasing aircraft motions in PRD harborion, air routes and airroom disclosed for affable aviation are scant, departures on manifold air routes feel to constitute an enumerational recreation or fly to a assured departure smooth to fix security, it acceptiond the departure span and departure retrogression in Mainplant is frequently happened from span to span. To encounter the aviation outbud needs and fortify the economies unordered Hong Kong and Mainland, HKSAR synod has to contriveulate a outbud intent for coming air rooms faculty of the HKIA as polite-mannered-behaved-behaved as the poseing of HKIA in agreement retrogression its power as mentioned in the Frameeffect Consonance to desert the intercourse congeries in the airroom aggravate the PRD harborion. Measures to rectify the marispan harbor’s competitiveness To renew Hong Kong's pose as a famous interdiplomatic marispan principal and it is judged that a polite-mannered-behaved-behaved contriveal interdiplomatic calling and marispan neteffect is compulsory. With consider to harbor expatiation, HKSAR Synod is looking for the exact location for Container Final 10, which may be required as present as 2015. It allure be other persomal ecstasyation contrivances to abridge the roving span of consequence and commuters amid the domain. The Hong Kong Shipping Register is the foremost-reprimand labor proffered by the Hong Kong marispan gathering. To hold the class of the Hong Kong Shipping Register, the Hong Kong Marine Department allure effect air-tight retrogression the toil to rectify the standards of Hong Kong ships and acception the competitiveness of the Register. Such as providing e-services for swelling one-bung stock labors for ship registration, fortifying pre-registration condition govern and enhancing coordination retrogression the appropriate Mainplant authorities to prproffer amelioreprimand shelter for Hong Kong ships. Hong Kong can as-well-behaved contribute nobleer value-added labors approve marispan security, ship financing, interdiplomatic amity and logistic skill to contrive a stronger industrial gathering. POSITIONING HONG KONG AND GUANGDONG AS A MODERN ECONIMIC CIRCULATION SPHERE To renew Hong Kong’s pose as a logistics and marispan principal, Hong Kong needs to feel foremost-rank infraorganization facilities in concurrent retrogression severe infraorganization outgrowth. Banking and Association Calling The Frameeffect Consonance deepens the Hong Kong’s RMB tradeing colonization and finance callinges at persomal smooth. It contributes a best platcontrive for Mainplant authorities and Hong Kong Monetary Authority to junctionly examine and endowigate how to despatch the contact of RMB after a whileout the China and once rectify the RMB tradeing colonization labors. It as-well-behaved disposes the association labors, the copent Guangdong financial organizations and companies can consequence RMB associations in Hong Kong. This similarity produces manifold incongruous financial channels to twain sides and assistances the outbud of Hong Kong’s RMB association labors concurrently. Securities Services For securities calling, the Frameeffect Consonance pushes self-assertive concatenateion and reciprocal consortment in i-elation of dimensions, cognizance, products, and institutions unordered twain sides. In enumeration, aid Guangdong financial organizations and companies are encouraged to confirm funds in Hong Kong and to be Hong Kong rolled companies. In prescribe to fortify the collaboration of securities labors unordered Hong Kong and Guangdong, the appendix VI of Mainplant and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Provision (CEPA) was identified in 2009 which careless securities organizations in Mainplant and Hong Kong to confirm securities siege consultancies in junction luck method. Security Services With the assistance of Frameeffect Agreement, the copent Hong Kong financial organizations can set up constitutional institutions retrogression security labors in Guangdong and this disposes Hong Kong security organizations to lay-disclosed calling in Mainplant by inferioring the minute requirements of Mainplant security dispense. The appendix IV of CEPA aids Hong Kong security principals to set up wholly-owned companies in Mainland. The collaboration of China Security Regulatory Commission and Station of the Commissioner of Security in Hong Kong can once be acceptiond. Developing interdiplomatic logistics hub in Hong Kong and PRD harborion The Frameeffect Consonance aids the outbud of financial logistics labor in Hong Kong by integrating yield, genesis and sales and contriveed the financial yield compact scheme. It was the form of third-party logistics labors in Hong Kong. Financial logistics labor has became spiritual beloved that wholly retrogression logistics and financial products. The power of third-party logistics labors and permitted gain has been rectifyd; logistic companies can spolite financing channels, refer financing consumes and rectify laudpotent skill aptitude. The new third-party logistics labor definitely drives toward the sight of win-win yield compact. Logistics companies can activate bound consumes of inactive raw materials and artistic products for optimizing companies’ instrument. The provision of financial logistics labor can rectify companies’ integrated logistics labors and competitiveness; it exalt acceptions the calling layer as polite-mannered-behaved-behaved as the value-added labors. The rectifyd financial consumeing and bcourse financing channels refer the laudpotent utilization of raw materials and semi-artistic products. Moreover, the optimal laudpotent allocation can refer the procurement consumes, spolite sales dimensions and acception the companies’ sales gains. For exalt assistance, financial logistics labors aid companies to spolite the bulk of loans for allaying the currency run, refer belief despatch and assistance the division of bad commodities. The association of logistics labors and financial labors which contributes an integrated yield compact financial intent, it as-well-behaved acceptions the competitive utility and gains. Through the financial logistic labors, the treasury logistic companies can finish multilateral victory; rectify customers’ laudpotent cappower and responsiveness to dispense despatch. It encourages customers to trade retrogression the treasury consequence processing and disposes the interactive instruction sharing of consequence, catholic aggregate of consequence storage and noble consequence turnaggravate reprimand. The variegated liquidation methods can maximize customers’ laudpotent colonization. Therefore, customers’ urgency on accounts receivefficacious can be referd. With the concatenateion of logistics and security industries, it contributes a wide logistics security labor for all yield compact activities and items. It embodys equipment detriment, consequence handy, gear and facilities, exercise security of trades and other instrument of ecstasy, and employee security, etc. Through the rectifyd financial labors, acceptiond financial channels and the assistances of Mainplant banks and security companies, the logistics toil in Hong Kong obtains abundant instrument to lay-disclosed the financial logistics labors, logistics routes and calling in Mainland. Foreign invadeprises as-well-behaved can catch Hong Kong and Guangdong as a platcontrive to endow in mainplant dispense, in avail, Hong Kong acts as a bridgedivision for Mainplant invadeprises to “go global” and confirmes their division station in Hong Kong and prefers their calling to global dispenses. CONCLUSION Hong Kong is the entrance of China and poseed in the life of Asia; we can arrive-at all superior Asian countries amid impure hours and half of the world's population amid five hours by intente. However, facing the changes of global economic organization and the worlddistant bend of contriveing a harborional economic consortment and two-of-a-trade, it is enigmatical for an idiosyncratic city to emulate at its own. As such Hong Kong has to fortify itself by co-permitted retrogression Mainland, part-amongicularly PRD harborion in Guangdong, to quest for catholicr dispense hinterplant so as to hold its crave engagement competitiveness. Inferior the draft of the Frameeffect Consonance on Hong Kong Guangdong Co-operation, Hong Kong has to effect towards amelioratement by consolidating reversal into its solid post industries, including finance, trading, shipping and logistics. To rectify our competitiveness, Hong Kong has abided endowing in key infraorganization contrivances to hold an prolific multi-modal ecstasy neteffect which crust air, intentt and sea to encounter the incongruous needs. Superior infraorganization contrivances approve HZMB, XRL and WEL, which materialize the “one-hour intercity circle” for mob in PRD harborion and urge a probe harborional scheme of marine, intentt and air ecstasy integration amid this harborion. To dispose the logistic run and duty procedures, ROCARS has been introduced on the duty colliquation. Some other recommendations on duty procedures can be considered in coming, for occurrence, a reciprocal acknowledgment of the demonstration engagementinations of perverse-word demeanors, rest of the restrictions on Hong Kong trades retrogression sufficient licenses to expedition in Mainland, as polite-mannered-behaved-behaved as a centralized electronic despatch platcontrive on other govern points to abridge the duty colliquation span. In concurrent retrogression severe infraorganization outgrowth, Hong Kong should abide to lay-disclosed the required yieldingware, part-amongicularly in the expatiation of our aviation network, nurturing new parts and IT outgrowth. Hong Kong should constitute use the utility of constitutional scheme and authoritative labor, an capacious shipping and aviation neteffect so as to contribute a noble value-added logistic labors approve pick-and throng and list skill labors. We judge that holding a air-tight apstanding unordered Hong Kong’s severe and yielding infraorganization is one of the factors to stay our economic bud and well-being. To exalt renew Hong Kong’s pose as an interdiplomatic logistic hub and a entrance for Asia to appropinquation global dispenses, we feel to tie retrogression the consortment and outbud of mainland. Last but not lease, we do judge we shall frequently enable ourselves to encounter the huge challenges and proactively confirm new engines of economic bud of Hong Kong. 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