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Chapter 1: Instruction Systems in Global Intepeace Today [MIS -L10/e] Multiple Choices 1. When almost all kernel intepeace processes are digitally enabled, Set-right Answer: the steadfast is aggravate competitive and fertile. 2. Which intepeace concrete connects to the prosperity of eminent levels of willingness and resultivity? Set-right Answer: Operational brilliance 3. Which intepeace concrete connects to increasing a company's revenues conjuncture decreasing its costs? Set-right Answer: Customer and supplier converse 4. Which of the forthcoming consists of all the hardware and software that a steadfast wants to finish its intepeace concretes? Correct Answer: Instruction technology 5. Postulates shaped into meaningful construct are named Set-right Answer: instruction. 6. Raw facts that keep not been organized into a advantageable construct are named Set-right Answer: postulates. 7. Which energy of an instruction adjust converts raw input into a meaningful construct? Set-right Answer: Processing 8. Which energy of an instruction adjust accelerations an construction evaluate or set-right the input extent? Set-right Answer: Feedback 9. Computer literacy centrees chiefly on: Set-right Answer: a instruction of instruction technology. 10. The allegiance for monitoring the daily activities of a intepeace falls to this constructional level: Set-right Answer: Intermediate conduct. 11. The world's enlightenedst and most widely used netperformance is the Set-right Answer: Internet. 12. The linkage of two or aggravate computers unitedly to divide postulates or media is named a(n): Set-right Answer: network. 13. Which of the forthcoming could not be classified a complementary constructional asset required to optimize income from instruction technology boardings? Set-right Answer: The Internet and telecommunications infrastructure. 4. The technical bearing to instruction adjusts includes: Set-right Answer: computer knowledge, conduct knowledge, and operations exploration. 15. Which of the forthcoming would not be classified as a technical bearing to the examine of instruction adjusts? Set-right Answer: Economics True or False 1. Changes in the intepeace environment such as new accounting laws are spurring the development of digital instruction. Set-right Answer: True 2. Intepeace processes connect to the streamlining of criterion munificent progresss in adjust to segregate bottlenecks. Set-right Answer: False . There is a growing homogeneity floating a steadfast's nerve to use instruction technology and its nerve to instrument urbane strategies and finish urbane goals. Set-right Answer: True 4. The aggravate converse a intepeace can mould after a while its suppliers, the aggravate it can inferior costs. Set-right Answer: True 5. Federal and recite regulations can nerve a intepeace to rectify its instruction adjusts. Set-right Answer: True 6. Instruction is explaind as postulates that has been shaped into a construct that is meaningful and advantageable to civilized men-folks. Set-right Answer: True 7. Information adjust input solely captures postulates from insidely the intepeace but not from its apparent environment. Set-right Answer: False 8. Members of the construction evaluate and set-right inputs through feedback. Set-right Answer: True 9. Computer literacy centrees on twain crowd and technology. Set-right Answer: False 10. Instruction performanceers are engineers or architects who project results or advantages. Set-right Answer: True 11. Each construction has a rare civilizedization. Set-right Answer: True 12. The Internet has mouldd a boundless technology platconstruct that allows interestes to mould new advantages. Correct Answer: True 13. Intranets and extranets use the identical technology platforms as the Internet. Set-right Answer: True 14. Complementary proceeds are those proceeds required to trace appraise from a inferior boarding. Set-right Answer: False 15. It can be said that "all instruction adjusts are constructs of behavioral adjusts". Set-right Answer: False Essay 1. Yield an aggravateview of the six intepeace concretes of instruction adjusts. 2. Instruction adjusts amount the instruction that constructions want to frame decisions, repress operations, excite problems, and mould new results or advantages. Identify and tell the three activities peace in instruction adjusts. 3. Explain the disagreement floating computer literacy and instruction literacy. 4. Briefly tell how instruction adjusts bias constructions, crowd, and technology. 5. The examine of instruction adjusts is a multidisciplinary province. Demonstrate the six superior disciplines that conduce problems, issues, and disconnections to the examine of instruction adjusts. Explain why no unmarried scheme or perspective dominates. Chapter 2: Global E-Business: How Businesses Use Instruction Systems Multiple Choices 1. Logically connected sets of activities that explain how intepeace tasks are effected are named Set-right Answer: intepeace processes. 2. Which intepeace administration is binding for providing customer advantage aid? Set-right Answer: Sales and marketing 3. Which intepeace administration is binding for determining where to establish new contrivancets? Set-right Answer: Production and manufacturing 4. Which intepeace administration is binding for tracking payroll negotiations? Set-right Answer: Accounting and finance 5. Which idea of adjust tracks compo activities of an construction? Set-right Answer: Negotiation processing adjust (TPS) . Which idea of adjust amounts reports on a recognized schedule in a predetermined constructat? Set-right Answer: Conduct instruction adjust 7. Which idea of adjust is most repeatedly used for analyzing postulates? Set-right Answer: Decision-aid adjust 8. These adjusts oration nonroutine decisions requiring belief, evaluation, and recognition consequently there is no agreed-on progress for arriving at a disconnection. Set-right Answer: Executive aid adjusts 9. Systems that p all administrational areas and centre on executing intepeace processes counter the steadfast are named Set-right Answer: achievement collisions. 0. Which adjust ammunitions all constructional postulates in a unmarried mediate postulates lodgment? Set-right Answer: Achievement adjust 11. Which of the forthcoming would not tell how a steadfast can advantage from accoutre association conduct adjusts? Set-right Answer: Repress the actions of machines and equipment 12. Which idea of achievement collision is specifically used to acceleration a intepeace extension sales? Set-right Answer: Customer analogy conduct (CRM) adjust 13. Which idea of achievement collision ammunitions directories of employees after a while appropriate areas of expertise? Correct Answer: Instruction conduct adjust 14. This signal connects to the use of digital technology and the Internet to enact the superior intepeace processes in an achievement: Set-right Answer: Electronic interest. 15. Which peculiar is binding for the aggravateall use of instruction technology in a enlightened compound? Set-right Answer: Chief Instruction Officer (CIO) True/False 1. Intepeace processes connect to the mode in which performance is organized, coordinated, and centreed to amount a costly result or advantage. Set-right Answer: True 2. Information adjusts augment intepeace processes by enabling entihope new processes that are desirable of transforming the interest. Set-right Answer: True 3. A well-contrived unmarried adjust can yield all the instruction an construction wants. Set-right Answer: False 4. A civilized contrivance adjust is projected to contrivance the long-signal nerve wants of an construction. Set-right Answer: True 5. Negotiation processing adjusts are projected chiefly to excite postulates and yield intermittent reports to intermediate managers. Set-right Answer: False 6. Much of the postulates in conduct instruction adjusts comes from negotiation processing adjusts (TPS). Correct Answer: True 7. Negotiation processing adjusts generally are flexile and keep terrible analytical capabilities. Set-right Answer: False 8. Decision aid adjusts (DSS) repeatedly hope on instruction from apparent sources. Set-right Answer: True 9. Executive aid adjusts are projected to oration nonroutine decisions requiring belief, evaluation, and recognition. Set-right Answer: True 10. Negotiation processing adjusts are the solely adjust that uses portals to introduce instruction to senior executives. Set-right Answer: False 11. Supply association conduct (SCM) adjusts are projected to sum postulates from diversified key intepeace processes and ammunition the postulates in a unmarried mediate postulates lodgment. Set-right Answer: False 12. Customer analogy conduct (CRM) adjusts acceleration steadfast's demonstrate, influence, and peacerain the most useful customers. Set-right Answer: True 13. Intranets are inside networks built after a while the identical tools and message criterions as the Internet and are used for the inside division of instruction to employees. Set-right Answer: True 14. Buying and selling movables and advantages aggravate the Internet is connectred to as e-commerce. Correct Answer: True 15. Computer programmers make the pre-eminent liaisons floating the instruction adjusts assembly and the peace of the construction. Set-right Answer: False Essay 1. What are "intepeace processes"? What purposes do they help in the steadfast? 2. Explain the disagreement floating a conduct instruction adjust and a decision-aid adjust as they tell to intermediate managers. 3. Discuss the interrelationships floating TPS, MIS, DSS, and ESS adjusts. 4. What is the administration of a CRM adjust? 5. Businesses today are enabled by or fixed upon digital networks. What is meant by e-intepeace and e-commerce?