Informative Speech Topics

  • February 16, 2018/

Very often your professor gives you an assignment to write or make a speech or presentation. In this case – it is up to you to pick an appropriate speech topic, and make sure you are heard. In order to do this – you have to be prepared and write something new, fresh and original. Here is a list of topic you can choose from, when you have to prepare an informative speech topic:

General topic:

  • Why truth matters in every aspect of life.
  • The importance of giving a good speech
  • The importance on healthcare
  • Society division, the pros and cons of it
  • Corruption in the government.
  • Computerization and virtual life.
  • Modern technologies which touch each and every aspect of life
  • The difference between life now and then

You can also inform the audience on the life of a famous great person. Here are informative speech paper topics:

  • Winston Churchill
  • Barack Obama
  • George W Bush – the worst president ever
  • Ronald Regan
  • Joan of Arc
  • Nelson Mandela

If you have something interesting on some important events from the fast – you can choose that informative speech topic as well. For example:

  • The World War I, and it’s influence on the American society
  • The rise of Nazism
  • The famine in USSR in the 30s
  • The American civil war
  • The rise and destruction of the Roman Empire

There are numerous books, movies which you can write an interesting informative speech topic, such as:

  • William Shakespeare’s “Much ado about nothing”
  • The movie “Fahrenheit 911”
  • The influence of the movie “Boys in da hood” on an average African American
  • Little women

Or you can choose an informative speech paper topic based on real today life:

  • Music which is worth listening to
  • The lyrics of the song which amazed me
  • The controversy of Tupac Shakur and his lyrics
  • How would I react on a conflict with my employer
  • A good and easy way to pass the exams
  • My ideas on today’s advertising and marketing

You need to choose an informative speech topic which is most relevant to the class you are taking. You need to show your professor – the way you apply the knowledge he has given you during class. And also stress your paper on the importance of studying and speech management.