Posted: November 7th, 2022

Introduction to Programming


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Introduction to Programming
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Complete Exercise 6 on page 121 using the following instructions.

Lesson 1 Project


A personal trainer asks you to create a program to calculate and display clients’ body mass index (BMI). Use the information in Exercise 6 on page 121 to create this program by

  1. Creating the pseudocode for this program
  2. Creating a flowchart for this program

Hint: Use RAPTOR, Visio, or Microsoft Word’s Drawing toolbar to create the flowchart.


Your instructor will grade your project as follows:

• Used the lessons learned in this course to create the pseudocode for this program 25 points

• Created the modules for an effective program25 points

• Created a flowchart for this program using lessons learned in this course25 points

• Used the appropriate flowchart shapes to create a flowchart 25 points

TOTAL POINTS100 points

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