Posted: January 26th, 2023

Kant Workshop

Task 1: Return to Chapter 1 to review Kant’s theory. Explain in your own words what the categorical imperative is.

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Kant Workshop
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Task 2: Compare your analysis on the Chapter 2 cases you studied previously. How would Aristotle and Kant analyze them differently?

Task 3: Review the following article on Kant EthicsPreview the document. Based on your understanding Kant in a business setting answer the following:

With recent layoffs I am not doing the work of three people and am over extended. For that I decide instead of preparing my own social media content I pull from other similar companies and modify just slightly so that legally we can’t be sued. I present this work as my own to my boss who is grateful that the work is complete. Is my action ethical under Kant’s theory?

Task 4: Returning to the same article in Task 3 pull out a hypothetical or quote and discuss your thoughts and how this may apply to your future profession.

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