Leadership And Management: Definition, Differences, And Importance

OM6005- Concept and Practice of Leadership

Qualities of a Successful Leader

Leadership is a process by which a group or an individual can be influenced to attain the goals and objectives of the organization. Leaders have a significant role within an organization that gives direct impact on enhancing the success and productivity of the employees. The main activity of the leader is to build and maintain a high performing level of the team. Leadership plays a great role to conduct the activities of the organization in an effective manner. Management is also one of the essential factors that should be considered by every organization so that the goals and objectives can be accomplished in a proper manner. In this paper, the main focus will be given to the leadership and management. In the first phase, the discussion will be made on a successful leader and also how the leadership can be developed. In the second phase of the paper, the difference is made between the leadership and management and also the experiences are taken into consideration.  In this, the discussion is also made by taking into consideration development of good leadership.

To be a successful leader there are many factors that are involved that give direct impact on enhancing the productivity and profitability of the organization. Leadership is a process that facilitates individual and collective efforts to attain the goals and objectives of the organization. There are many qualities and theories that assist to understand the factors that help to be a successful leader. A successful leader is considered as one who takes into consideration power of intuition and also precautionary steps so that the challenging situations can be faced efficiently and successfully. To be a good leader the person should have the ability to control his emotions and anger in public (Fernandez, Noble, Jensen and Steffen, 2015). Motivation should also be given by him to the public so that people can work in a proper manner and can conduct the activities of the organization smoothly. To be a successful leader the following are the qualities that should be possessed by an individual:

  • A successful leader should have an honest personality. To be successful person honesty is one of the important factors that an individual should possess. It is important that the leader should be trustworthy to give directions to others. A leader should be known as a trustworthy and honest person, and then only he or she can give directions in a right manner. To be successful person honesty is one of the essential factors that give success to an individual. It is also evaluated that true authority is only born from respect for the good character and the trustworthiness of the person who conducts the activities (Hollander, 2013).
  • A good leader is always confident and also set proper directions. A leader requires enhancing the confidence level of the employees. In order to give right direction and set the goals for others, the leader should be confident enough, so that the activities can be conducted in an effective manner. If the leader has a high confidence level, then it can be possible to inspire others and draws out trust of the team to conduct the tasks. A leader who gives confidence to others can achieve best outcomes from the team.
  • Be a coach and not a judge: To become a successful leader the person should be a coach and should not act like a judge. To be a successful leader, it is very important that you give support and motivation to the team members so that they can give their best towards the activities. It is analyzed that at the time of uncertainty and unfamiliarity the team member or an individual search for reassurance and security.  A successful leader is one who gives security to the team members or an individual’s.
  • A successful leader should have positive beliefs: Positivity helps an individual to attain the success and also it is evaluated that the success can be easily attained by positivity. The leader should have positive attitudes so that the work can be completed in a proper manner. If a person possesses positive attitude, then the difficult task can also be completed in a proper way. Every successful leader possesses positive attitude, then only the effective outcomes can be achieved. For example Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln was the powerful leaders and they handle the situation by carrying positive attitude with them (Northouse, 2015).

To be a good leadership Path goal theory can be taken into consideration. Path goal theory centers on how leaders give motivation to subordinates, so that goals and objectives can be accomplished.  The role of the leader is to define goals that need to be attained. Leaders also clarify the path to achievement. Good leadership removes obstacles that can helps to achieve overall objectives.  Motivation is one of the essential factors that is given by the leader to its subordinates so that the activities can be conducted effectively.  The path goals theory helps the leaders to be a good leader in the organization by taking into consideration four types of leadership behavior they can adopt.  It is evaluated that every leadership behavior will have different impact on the motivation level of the subordinates.   

Developing Good Leadership Skills

To be a good leader the behavior of the leader should consider two criteria like directive leadership in which the leaders gives instruction to conduct the activities and also set standards of performance.  The rules and regulations that are made by the leaders should be clear. The second criteria that should be followed by the good leader is supportive leadership in which friendly behavior should be there of a leader.   The leader in this also create pleasant working environment so that respect can be given and also trust can be build.  Leader behavior also gives focus on inviting the subordinates to share views in decision making and also the consultation is made with the subordinates. It is seen that to be a good leader it is important to consider the employees in the organization decisions so that they can feel good and happy (Phillips and Phillips, 2016).

Achievement oriented leadership also considers by the leader so that the subordinates can be challenged to perform work at the highest level. Also the leader helps the employees to build confidence so that the activities can be smoothly conducted.  So, the job of the leader is to assists the subordinates so that they can reach their goals by directing and guiding. Leaders should analyze the task and subordinates characteristics so that proper leadership style can be adopted.  The theory suggests that it is important to evaluate the characteristics of the employees, so that activities can be conducted effectively.

Yes, good leadership can be developed. Leaders can give directions to the employees or the workers of the organization but having the good leadership skills is one of the important factors that should be taken into consideration. Good leadership can be developed by taking into consideration leadership skills that give enhancement to the overall productivity of the organization. Following should be taken into consideration to enhance the good leadership in an individual.

  • Should have a clear vision: A Good leadership can be developed if the individual has a clear vision. The job of the leader is to give a clear path to the team so that they can follow. The team should have a clear idea of the goals so that the activities can be conducted in an effective manner. Good leadership skills can only be implemented if the leader takes into consideration clear vision (Chemers, 2014).
  • Maintain a positive attitude: By maintaining positive attitude the good leadership behavior can be increased.  No one accepts the person who possesses negative attitude. With the positive attitude, the person is looking at a bright side of the life. It is seen that people are attracted towards a person who possesses positive attitude. By having positive attitude an individual can lead a happier life and can also motivate other to conduct the activities in an effective manner.
  • Improve the communication skill: To develop good leadership it is important to have proper communication skill. Good leadership can be developed by improving the communication skills so that the person can easily interact with the team or the individual in a proper way.  The leader should be able to communicate the vision, goals, and skills. It involves the ability to listen to what other people are communicating. To enhance the leadership it is essential to communicate continuously so that the improvement can take place in the verbal, non-verbal and listening skills (Sanders, 2017).
  • Motivate others to greatness: The greatest leaders are the one who influences everyone by recognizing the value of the individual. To be a good leadership it is essential to look beyond the compassion of the employees so that the activities can be conducted smoothly. There are many leaders who agree that they rose to the top just because another leader recognized and harnessed their potential (Fairhurst and Connaughton, 2014).
  • Continue to educate and improve yourself: Good leadership can be enhanced when the leader shows their skills and most importantly gives focus on it to improve. If the person thinks that he is an expert and it is not important to learn more, then good leadership cannot be improved. The leader should continue to educate and gain knowledge so that the leadership skills can be increased. Good leadership helps to educate the individuals so that the goals and objectives can be accomplished effectively.
  • Successful leaders can be developed when he or she accept the failures and weaknesses. It is seen that the successful leaders know that the success is not a failure but to learn new things from mistakes. If the leader is strong, then it is seen that they will communicate the weaknesses with the team and also appoints the person who can conduct the activities actively without giving it a second thought. Then only a good leadership can be developed properly (Barkil-Oteo and Holoshitz, 2014).
  • Listening effectively: Good leadership can be developed if the leader listens effectively to its employees and workers. Without listening skills, it is not possible to get feedback from others. To maintain or to develop good leadership it is important to listen to the queries of every employee or the workers so that the activities can be conducted smoothly.  To listen effectively it is important to maintain an eye contact and respond accurately (Paustian-Underdahl, Walker and Woehr, 2014).It is also important to take into consideration proper communication and body language so that the leadership can be maintained properly. It is essential for the leader to solve the queries of every individual so that they can work in a proper manner.  If the queries of the team are solved effectively then it can give direct enhancement in the profitability and also the confidence level of the employees will be enhanced (Antonakis and Day, 2017). 

Good leadership can be developed by taking into consideration following methods like

  • Training: By giving training the good leadership can be developed. If the leaders are given proper training, then it can be easy to gain knowledge. Training helps to leaders to manage the activities in effective manner.  Training helps the leader to learn about the tactics that can help to conduct and manage the activities of the organization. If leadership training is given then it can be easy to increase productivity as leadership can give enhancement in the productivity level of the individual. It is seen that leadership is also about understanding the individuals emotionally.  Like for instance: Daniel Goleman states that emotional intelligence gives success to a leader. Emotional intelligence helps to be smart and engage employees. Leadership training encompasses emotional intelligence to the emotional skills in the leader.  The good leadership can also be developed when the personal leadership of an individual is developed. If training is given to the employees then it can help to maintain a positive attitude and also enhance the good leadership skills in an individual (Haff and Triplett, 2015).
  • Experience:  Good leadership can also be developed with the experience. If an individual have the experience to give directions to the employees then it can easy to accomplish overall goals and objectives. Leaders can gain success if they conduct their activities efficiently. Good leadership can also be developed if the individual read motivational books or watch videos. It gives knowledge to give direction to the employees so that they can work efficiently.
  • By attending conferences the good leadership can be developed. It gives knowledge to work and helps to learn the behavior of the employees who are working in the organization.

Leadership and management are considered as a two different aspects of the organization.




· Definition

It refers to the capacity of an individual to influence, motivate and also to contribute towards the effectiveness and success of the company.

It is related to directing and controlling a group of one or more people so that proper coordination can be made between the goals and goals and objectives can be accomplished effectively.

· Personality styles

 It is known as brilliant and also mercurial. The leaders can take risk and sometimes they are wild and crazy risks. There are many leaders that have a high level of imagination.

Management tends to be under control and also it is related to solve the problems. They often give emphasis on goals, structures and also on the availability of the resources. The personality of the managers leans toward the analysis and intelligence.

· Orientation

Leadership is considered as a people oriented.

 Management is considered as a task oriented.

· Focus

The main emphasis is given on leading people

The main focus is given on managing the activities and work in an effective manner.

· Outcomes

In leadership the achievements are attained.

In management results are achieved.

· Approach to tasks

The leadership simply gives emphasis on the problems and also on creative solutions. The leaders give motivation and also give emphasis to solve the problems and excel efficiently (Northouse, 2015).

Management gives focus on creating strategies and policies. The methods are used to create teams and ideas that combine to conduct the activities smoothly.  The empowerment is given to the people by taking into consideration their views, values and also the principles. The management believes that the combination minimize the risk and also give success to the organization. Management is considered as an important aspect of the organization. Success can be attained if the organization has effective management.

· Decision making

The role in making the decision is related to the facilitative making.

The management makes the decisions, so that the activities can be conducted properly in the organization.

· Styles

There are many styles that are involved in leadership and that are: Transformational, consultative and participative.

The styles that are involved in management are: Transactional, democratic, dictatorial and authoritative.

· Approach to risk

Risk taking

Risk averse

· Company

In the company the leaders are followers

In the company the management have many subordinates

· Power

Power is through the influence

Power is through formal authority and position (Stryker, 2015).

Leadership and management are two different aspects. It is seen that managing and leading are two different approaches to organize people. Leadership is related to the set of new directions or the vision that the group follows. On the other hand if the management is taken into consideration, then it is seen that it controls or directs the resources in a group according to the values that are created. The manager uses a formal and rational method that stirs the emotion of the leaders (Bolman and Deal, 2017).

Difference between Leadership and Management

By taking into consideration authority it is seen that people naturally follow leaders by considering the personality traits of an individual whereas the management considers the formal authority (Griffin, 2013). People are more loyal to the leaders as a comparison is made with the managers. Leadership is one of the parts of the management. If management is there, then only the company can appoint a leader to control or supervise the activities. Leaders try to solve the problems of the team and also give right direction so that they can give their best towards the work (Daft, 2014).

Leadership is concerned to the skills of leading a group of people and also to inspire towards a direction.  It is one of the interpersonal processes that involve an individual so that they can attain objectives.  Leaders are individuals who have the quality to be a leader.  A leader is someone who has a large number of people who are following him and are inspired.  Examples of leaders are kiran bedi, Mahatma Gandhi. It is an activity that helps to direct and guide people who are working together attain objectives. To achieve the objective it is seen that individuals are divided into a team and assigned a task to be completed in a specific time.  Every team comprises of a leader who is selected on the basis of merit cum seniority.  In the business scenario, it is seen that leadership is not only limited to an individual but an organization can also achieve leadership in the market by giving competition. Leadership can be in terms of market share and product. 

Man +age + men+ t (technique). So in this way management is a technique that is used by a man for dealing and managing the individuals of different age so that they common objective can be attained.  Management also maintains balance of men, money, material, machine and methods.  The activities are conducted by an individual who is known as a manager (Beardwell and Thompson, 2014).

Leadership and management are inseparable in nature. Also the qualities of a manager need leadership skills so that subordinates can be inspired.  Management is related to arrangement and maintenance of 5M and leadership is related to pursue people in a positive direction so that talent can be accessed.

The experience is related to the previous job. I was responsible for giving directions and also to supervise a team of five people. The training and mentoring were given by me to all the five people. I enjoyed leadership and also I feel proud to say that the two people who are working in my team were promoted while I was mentoring them.  At that time I learned that leadership plays a great role to enhance the motivation level of the employees who are working in the organization. As a leader, it is a very proud moment to help and assist the other team members and also I gained a vast knowledge.

Importance of Leadership and Management

The second experience is not related to the work experience. I just finished my degree in finance, and at that time the classes are conducted by taking into consideration teamwork. It is my quality that  I always step up as a leader wherever I get the opportunity.  In the senior level accounting class, the team of four people was made in which we have to complete a large project throughout the entire semester. My team achieved the highest score in the class because I decided to submit the task early and also delegated tasks to people based on their capability. At that time I enjoyed leading and delegating the responsibility and also hope to attain the leader position in my career.

To be a leader in many situations I learned various things like:

  • Be decisive: Giving directions and also to assist the people by being a leader helped me to be decisive. It is evaluated that a reality for any leader is that there are many people who need your decision and if the decisions are not given quickly, then the negative impact will be seen in the organization. I analyzed that to make the fast decision is a very tough task but it helps others to conduct the activities in a smooth manner (Goleman, Boyatzis, and McKee, 2013).
  • Embrace change: As a leader, it is very important to drive the change. The change should not be avoided. The leader is the one who can make an effective change that is beneficial for the organization and also for the employees. To manage the change is also one of the important aspects that should be taken into consideration by the leader. When I was the leader, I learned to manage the change in an effective manner (Robertson, 2016).
  • Be inspirational: It is very important for the leader to enhance the hope and positivity among the employees who are working in the organization.  When I  directed the employees, I learned how to enhance the positivity and to minimize the negativity from an individual. It is very essential for the leader to trust the capability of the people, so that the motivation can be given to the weak people of the team (Fassinger and Good,2017).
  • To control the emotions: This is one of the important factors that are very important for the leader. Emotions are the feeling that the individual possessed. It is essential for the leader to control the emotions. I learned that a leader is a person who has to control the emotions at every point of time, so that the activities can be conducted in an effective manner. The mood has a great impact on the judgment and as a leader, it’s the responsibility to manage the emotions in a positive manner.
  • Never stop learning: It is the most important factor that I learned by giving directions to the team members. A leader learns many new techniques and things that also give a positive impact on the career.
  • To be authentic: Leadership helps an individual to be authentic. It gives knowledge about how, to be honest towards the activities that should be conducted smoothly. As a leader, I learned that how to be authentic and conduct the activities in an effective manner. If leadership is conducted properly then it can be analyzed that the growth and profitability of the organization can be attained in a proper manner (Armstrong, 2016).

Leadership is one of the qualities that help the organization to attain the goals and objectives in a proper manner.  It is evaluated that to be a leader doesn’t mean that you know each and every thing. It is essential to recognize and encourage others as experts. The trust and autonomy should be considered for conducting the activities in a smooth way. The employees or people of the organization will give attention to the leader just because of the position. The job of the leader is to pay attention to what the people say and also to the views that don’t count. It is important to show that what you are listening and also should gain trust by giving them the credit (Kane and Patapan, 2014).

 As a leader, it is important to give motivation and encourage them to attain the goals and objectives.  It is explained that to identify the characteristics of the leader is one of the difficult tasks as there are various traits involved in the process. It is the main responsibility of the manager to conduct the activities in an effective manner, because if the workers are not efficient then it can give negative impact on the organization. If the leaders are not there in the organization, then it will be difficult to attain the profitability.  A leader is a person who influences the other to accomplish the goals and to accept the challenges. It also helps to remove the hurdles for his subordinates. A leader is considered as a role model of the organization (Johnson, 2014). 

In this section, Lewin leadership style will be discussed as the activities that are conducted by me are also delegated to others. In this 3 leadership styles are

  • Autocratic leadership style: In this leaders make decisions without consulting their team members. In the first experience I have taken all the decisions without consulting my team members, so that decisions can be made quickly.
  • Democratic leadership style:  In this style leaders make final decisions by including the team members. They encourage creativity and also help to enhance the satisfaction of the work. So in the second experience I have taken decision by discussing it with my team members.  By discussing it with the team members I observed that high productivity can be attained. The decision that is made is quick and also effective.
  • Laissez faire:  It is the leadership in which the leader gives freedom to the team members.  In both the situation the freedom is given to the team members so that they can conduct the activities effectively. As a leader I have also support my team members with resources and also given advised when required. I have also given motivation so that the activities can be conducted smoothly. When motivation is given to the team members it is seen that positive outcome can be attained (Breunig, 2014). 


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