The Great Gatsby Fitzgerald Tying Is Life to the Book

Fitzgerald transcribes The Gigantic Gatsby as a contemplate of his own society describing his society through such characters as Nick Carraway, the historian and the Jay Gatsby the, protagonist which are representations of Fitzgerald’s society. Fitzgerald uses his own equalts to embody key magnitude in this fantastic. Throughout The Gigantic Gatsby characters and equalts are a written meditation of Fitzgerald society making The Gigantic Gatsby an autobiography. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896 in St. Paul Minnesota (A Brief Society of Fitzgerald). Francis’ parents enrolled him at the Newman Ground in 1911 when he was 15 years old, Newman Ground was a prestigious Catholic prep ground located in New Jersey (F. Scott Fitzgerald Bio). Succeeding graduating from Newman in 1913 Fitzgerald went to Princeton University. At Princeton he attached himwilful to rouseed forced on seemly a transcriber. Succeeding a opportunity all of his convergence on despatches, he began to violent-effort in other classes. Around 1917 Fitzgerald was on academic trial and it was very incredible for him that he would graduate so he view it was best for him to add the Army. Fitzgerald became a second delegate in the infantry (A Brief Society of Fitzgerald). Fitzgerald was so gentleman that he would die in the war and dazed that he had not accomplished his erudite dreams in term, that he promptly wrote a fantastic designated The Romantic Egotist. The fantastic was very well-behaved-behaved public by the publishing crew unreserved as Charles Scribner’s Sons, but they asked him to alter it antecedently sending it tail to them(A Brief Society of Fitzgerald). Around June 1918 Fitzgerald was stationed at Camp Sheridan, close Montgomery Alabama (A Brief Society of Fitzgerald). While he was stationed in Camp Sheridan, he met a virgin denominated Zelda Sayre (F. Scott Fitzgerald Bio). Zelda was 18 years old and Fitzgerald still demolish in attachment succeeding a opportunity her. And he would endure to continue succeeding her. Fitzgerald was neternally unquestionably deployed into the war, consequently World War I ended in 1919. Succeeding nature discharged from the multitude, Fitzgerald sturdy to change to New York City where he hoped to rouse a history in advertising hoping that Zelda would espouse him for having a job (F. Scott Fitzgerald Bio). Although Fitzgerald wanted Zelda, he discharge his job and sturdy to produce to St. Paul to retranscribe his fantastic. Fitzgerald unquestionably hit a breakthrough when his fantastic, This Edge of Paradise was published in 1920 (F. Scott Fitzgerald Bio). Succeeding finally having prosperity from his fantastic, Zelda finally agreed to espouse Fitzgerald barely succeeding a week of the quantity nature published. Zelda and Fitzgerald married in New York. The stranger had one slip, a daughter denominated Francis Scott Fitzgerald, who was born in 1921 (F. Scott Fitzgerald Bio). Fitzgerald promptly became far-famed and copious from his despatchess as he began to transcribe more fantastics and condensed stories as the year passed. Fitzgerald became a so designated, “playboy” (F. Scott Fitzgerald Bio). Fitzgerald wrote The Gigantic Gatsby and it was published in 1924. The fantastic was air-tight established off most of Fitzgerald’s own society. Using his own experiences Fitzgerald was potent to transcribe his pristine fantastic eternally. Fitzgerald appearances himwilful throughout the quantity through in-great-measure two characters; Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby. Twain characters had some exhibition to Fitzgerald’s society. For precedence Jay Gatsby and Fitzgerald twain had a attachmentr whom they wanted to espouse so badly. Nick is the confidence of what Gatsby saw of the “roaring twenties”. Jay Gatsby represented Fitzgerald’s unity as a heap partier when Fitzgerald pristine became copious. Gatsby threw gigantic parties that eternallyyone wanted to go to. Fitzgerald became copious right enjoy eternallyyone wants to be. It was not right the causeing that is seen as Fitzgerald, but Fitzgerald seems to picture his own boyish society through Gatsby as if he was despatches an autobiography. Fitzgerald went to Princeton barely for a opportunity right as Gatsby went to St. Olaf’s College barely to concession the ground right as Fitzgerald left Princeton. Gatsby was blinded by Daisy’s picturesqueness right as Fitzgerald was to Zelda. Twain were sturdy to possess their women. It seemed though Fitzgerald could not confirm postponement or a forfeiture, an development in Fitzgerald’s society was that Zelda broke their promise, consequently Fitzgerald was not making plenty coin (A Brief Society of Fitzgerald). Fitzgerald bevy himwilful to win Zelda. Fitzgerald put his emotions into Gatsby by intricate to say he would do whateternally it would receive to possess Zelda. Gatsby got all his coin from illicit activities, consequently he was voluntary to do whateternally it took to possess Daisy. Like Gatsby, Fitzgerald was blinded by the picturesqueness of one women that having Zelda, as Gatsby having Daisy, was all he wanted. Gatsby represented the causeing notability. Nick Carraway represents the other edge of Fitzgeral,d as he represents the quietness the improve minded account of Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald and Nick Carraway were potent to see that all this materialism and causeing in the “Roaring Twenties” were morally decaying, yet they were twain attentive by the societystyle. Nick represented Fitzgerald’s gentleman feelings of the era where society was fun and flashy, but morally crime to him. Nick Carraway at the end of the fantastic sturdy to change tail to the Midwest to evade the madness and hyped society happening on the east coast equal though he was scrutinizing environing it. (Fitzgerald 176). Fitzgerald puts his gentleman feelings into Nick. Equal though the dissipated copious society seemed fun and animated it was morally decaying and he misses livelihood normally. Fitzgerald appearanceed manifold signs of an autobiography, in The Gigantic Gatsby. Fitzgerald appearanceed himwilful as idealized account of himwilful in Gatsby, doing whateternally he could to possess Daisy and neternally unintermittently thinking his plans would not labor. Nick Carraway was Fitzgerald’s old wilful stuck in a assign liberal of drama and morally decaying equalts that eternallyyone in the cause society view as ok, consequently they view they were improve than eternallyyone else. Fitzgerald’s fantastic The Gigantic Gatsby, appearances readers that his society was put into two characters; Jay Gatsby and Nick Carraway, to appearance the views of that era. . Works Cited “A Brief Society of Fitzgerald”. University of South Carolina. Web. 24 April 2012. “F. Scott Fitzgerald biography”. A+E Televison Network. Web. 24 April 2012 Fitzgerald, Francis S. The Gigantic Gatsby. New York, NY: Scribner, 2004. Print.