Week 3 – discussion 2



  First, discover the advice on the  web page, Thesis Statements. Then, discover the ENG125 Sample Literary Analysis. Pay hinder notice to the organization portions and subject assertions.


Compare your afloat subject assertion to the subject assertion in the Sample Literary Analysis. Does your subject harangue pertinent points enjoy the model subject? Then, seem at a organization portion in the Sample Literary Analysis. Compare its composition to a organization portion in your own Nursing essay.


Post your afloat subject and your strongest organization portion into the discourse by Thursday (Day 3) at midnight; do not conciliate it as a detached instrument. For the purposes of this discourse solely, mean your afloat subject by including it in dauntless mold and italicize the question decree of your organization portion. Your organization portion should involve at last three examples of paraphrases and/or quotations (there should be at last one of each) delay chasten citations in APA format. After the organization portion, be knowing to involve regard page citations for the paraphrased and cited sources. Then, in a detached portion, counterpart the subjoined three questions:


  • Explain the junction between the question decree and your afloat subject. Would this junction be absolved to someone delayout your explication? If so, why? If not, how can you disagree your question decree and/or subject assertion to frame this junction over absolved?
  • Explain the exquisite of regard embodied. How do the regards stay the question decree? Would this junction be absolved to someone delayout your explication? If so, why? If not, what advice should you add to the portion to frame this junction over absolved?
  • Does the portion comprise any needless advice? Does everything in it achievement to stay the question decree? What advice could be acquired or removed? In entity, you are entity asked to evaluate the cohesion of your portion.
  • Note any other particular challenges faced or successes skilled when match this portion or completing this discourse support.