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PARADOXES AND CONTROVERSIES IN THE LIFE OF DR. JOSE P. RIZAL Paradoxes are statements which are penny but appear to be faithless, witless, and destructive. Controversies are doubtful claims which are neither penny or unpenny consistent they are proven by experimental facts and are set-uped on logic. 1. AMERICA’S CHOICE Jose Rizal is the Philippine common benefactor purportedly believed to be an American-sponsored benefactor who was chosen by the Americans consequently of his non-revolutionary ideology. 2. THE KATIPUNEROS’ CHOICE While the Americans set-up him non-revolutionary, Jose Rizal was associated delay the Katipunan as their unofficial moderator and was accordingly considered as the vital-principle of the Philippine Revolution. 3. RIZAL FOR THE ELITE AND BONIFACIO FOR THE MASSES Jose Rizal belonged to an loftier average adjust nativity and was an ilustrado who elapsed multifarious years in Europe. He was, accordingly, perceived to be a chief of the elites period Andres Bonifacio as the benefactor of the masses. 4. RIZAL’S ALLEGED ALIENATION FROM HIS PEOPLE AND FROM THE FILIPINO CULTURE. Rizal elapsed the best occasion of his adult animation studying aloof. In his travels, he was unprotected to unanalogous cultures, met well-informed men and abandoned his occasion in bulks. Back in the Philippines, his cling was too deficient and for his latest years in the dominion, he was kept separate from his gregarious and collective endeavors in the elegant areas. 5. ATTEMPTS TO REPLACE JOSE RIZAL AS NATIONAL HERO As a common benefactor, Jose Rizal has all the acceptable qualities of a exalted mental chief. Despite all of these, there entertain been attempts at replacing him delay other benefactores every now and then. BIOGRAPHERS OF DR. JOSE P. RIZAL Ironically, the forthcoming biographers of Jose Rizal were written by foreigners. The pristine biographer was a Spanish designated Wenceslao Retana in1907, followed by American biographers, namely: Austin Craig in 1913, Charles Russel in 1923 and Frank Laubach in 1936 and an Anglo-Saxon Austin Coates in 1968. In 1981, Spanish Jose Varon Fernandez as-well followed. Oddly, Filipino biographers established singly match environing Rizal’s biography singly succeeding 40 years from his action. CONFLICTING PERCEPTIONS OF DR. JOSE P. RIZAL Biographers entertain discordant accounts of Rizal’s animation and works. There had been criticisms to the top of sort assassination and derogation of his individuality, his animation and his works, but there entertain as-well been frenzy. Extreme whimper has led to the shape of cults which revere vulgar either as God, as a bigot, or a unsubstantial nature. Such is the instance of the Rizalista, who distinguish and deify Jose Rizal as a venial nature by upholding his ideals and principles. At give, there are seven officially registered Rizalista sects, namely: 1. Samahan ng Tatlong Persona Solo Dios, 2. Ciudad Mistica de Dios, 3. Adamista, 4. Bathalismo, 5. Iglesia Watawat ng Lahi, 6. Iglesia Sagrada Filipina and 7. Espiritual Pilipino. RIZAL’S MONUMENT AT LUNETA The celebration was contrived and sculpted by a Swiss, Henry Kissling, a runner up in an intercommon rivalry for designing Rizal’s celebration sponsored by commonists in 1912. The winner really was an Italian sculptor Carlos Napoli but he failed to give his own fable. Jose Rizal’s celebration at Luneta depicts him as a customary Filipino, 5’2” to 5’5” towering donning a inspissated decay inveigle. Behind him is an obelisk delay three stars (Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao). The bulk on his artisan signifies his travels, studies, and inhospitableness to the unanalogous cultures of the universe. It may as-well symbolize the rate of advice and the potency of instrument to surrender the socio-economic and collective ills of our dominion. On the premise nigh his representation, his latest ballad “Mi Ultimo Adios” (My Latest Farewell) is subordinate on a marble stone. His companion Mariano Ponce gave it the designation of MI ULTIMO ADIOS, as it originally had none.