Brand Management Mid Term Study Guide

Biswas: Mark Government (MAR 6936; Spring 2013) MAR 6936: MIDTERM EXAM STUDY GUIDE Exam Format: The exam allure entertain a mix of multiple-choice questions and narrow acceptances, delay a loftier aggregate sum of subject-matters for narrow acceptance questions. NOTE: Anything and everything tried in rank (through lectures, argument, creed, activities, etc. ) and/or posted on Blackboard, are possible exam symbolical. The topics listed underneath can be used as a Study Guide. However, from an exam subject-matter of object, that does NOT hinder the other symbolical tried in rank. Introduction to Basic Issues: defining a mark; new challenges; the concept of mark equity; steps in the strategic mark government way. Branding Innovations and New Products: Issues in marking reversals; incongruous options in naming a new effect/innovation; suitable mark exemplars; primeval maggravate issues; reasons for new marking reversals to achieve versus fail; reasons for marking an reversal. Brands, Branding, and Meaning of Brands: Brands and competitive advantage; mark story/meaning; marks and competitive advantages; marks as signals of effect quality; sharp marking diplomacy. Mark Positioning: Defining relatively frames of reference; issues kindred to PoP and PoD; mark positioning; effect sort membership; challenges in positioning; centre mark values; mark mantras. Mark Extensions and Mark Portfolios: When are mark extensions expend? When are they successful/unsuccessful? Advantages/disadvantages of mark extensions; key aspects of mark portfolios; criteria for severe down marks and mark extensions from a portfolio. Managing Brands aggravate Time: Long-term vs. narrow-term foci and the kindred strategies; revitalizing a deformed mark; decorous and reinforcing mark metaphor aggravate interval. HBS Cases: You should be free delay the concepts/principles that we discussed in rank in the tenor of the HBS cases, such as unwritten vs. non-unwritten marking strategies and breakaway positioning diplomacy.