Operation Management Critical Essay

agement AEREN FOUNDATION’S Maharashtra Govt. Reg. No. : F-11724 [pic] SUBJECT : OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Total Marks : 80 CASE-1 (16 Marks) Bloomsday Outfitters consequences T-shirts for highway races. They scarcity to acquisition some new stamping machines to consequence 30,000 good-natured-natured T-shirts per month. Their set operates 200 hours per month, but the new machines win be used for T-shirts singly 60 percent of the date and the output usually includes 5 percent that are "seconds" and impracticable. The stamping agency takes 1 tiny per T-shirt, and the stamping machines are expected to own 90 percent gainingness because adjustments, changeover of patterns, and requisite downtime. How manifold stamping machines are required? CASE-2 (16 Marks) In the board loving adown the Distribution Manager is expected to labor these DCs as per the demands placed. If the explicit sales behind completing week one is as follows, what would be the quantities that would scarcity punishment as far as Distribution Manager is uneasy to labor for week two and ahead? Behind week one the explicit sales to Forecasted sales for week one relevancy is as under: Mumbai did 80 % of intercept , Lucknow did 75 % of intercept Kolkata did 60 % of week one intercept Chennai did 125 % of intercept and Delhi did 150 % of week one intercept [pic] Note : Kolkata win take transit stocks in week 2 . CASE-3 (16 Marks) Behind afloat for 30 years, Ramjee Somjee Dutt opted for VRS and inaugurated a forerunner posse and did very polite in the pristine filthy years. He was now looking for paraphrase of his concern and resolute to underimportation into Highway deportment concern between Chennai and Mumbai and Mumbai and Delhi as he felt that he could do polite on this course. However antecedently importation a decisive determinedness he hires your Management Consultant determined formed by yourself. He has requested you to employment out the Price to adduce his clients for these two routes because the requires complicated. He expects to win a narrowness acquisition of Rs 1000 per day per barter behind convocation all expenses. Your separation of chaffer stipulations teach you the following: Conveyance require Rs 7 lacs Depreciation 15 % Maintenance requires per day Rs 150 Drivers monthly Salary Rs 5000 : Attendants monthly salary Rs 3000 . Misc expenses Rs 200 per day. Driver damages is Rs 125 per day and pursuer gets Rs 75. Diesel require per liter is Rs 25 and the conveyance bestows an mean mileage of 4 km to a liter. The Financial institutions exhibit loans at 10 % concern pa, which Ramjee has been negotiating. It has been observed that on an mean the conveyance covers 400 km per day. The interspace between Mumbai to Delhi is 1500 km and Mumbai to Chennai is 1350 km. The driver gets cessation day in Mumbai singly for one day behind they yield from any taunt. CASE-4 (16 Marks) A posse is unobstructed in two not allied concernes. The pristine one is making spiritless salt, which is sold in one-kilogram consumer packs. The succor concern is making readymade garb. The possessor of the concernes has resolute to appliance Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) in one of the two concernes, which is slight to bestow him greater service. Assuming that the popular turnover and acquisitions of twain the units are resembling, collate the not-absolute services and limitations of Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) for these two concernes. CASE-5 (16 Marks) A Manufacturer of motorcycles buys whit corks at Rs. 15 each. Now he wishes to fabrication the corks in his own factory. The estimated require for the fabrication of whit corks is encircling Rs. 50,000=00 and the shifting require comes to Rs. 5 per whit cork. The Production Manager advises the Manufacturer that the factory should go for manufacturing instead of procuring them from the unreserved chaffer. List out reasons for the determinedness of the Production Manager backed up by the requisite postulates. ----------------------- AN ISO 9001 : 2008 CERTIFIED INTERNATIONAL B-SCHOOL