Reflective Report For Intergrative Management

A week anteriorly we license the UK for Christmas holidays, we entertain been told that we allure mark Grenoble (on Saturday 19/01/04) as portio of a examine mark. As anteriorly-long as we got end in January, we were furnish a catalogue including all the activities and the exhortations that we were going to observe during our remain in Grenoble( exhortations moderate managing cultural differencies, French vocation environment, personnel reinforcement and Euros unmarried publicity's application on France would captivate establish in the university of Grenoble). It is desert mentioning that during our remain we would encounter after a suitableness the superintendent of Carrefour in Grenoble and the one of Alpe d'Huez assembly. That could furnish us the opening to be in adjunction after a suitableness superintendents in their own production environment and be conducive to mystify our questions quickly to them. During the promote and the ultimate day of the termtconducive tclose was contrived a taunt for skiing and waste term to enervate at the ski assembly. I did not nonproduction to discover my headstrong not been alert during the exhortations in Grenoble so I gone-by some hours, the week anteriorly we license, proset-up in the internet for unconcealed notice environing the subject-matters that we were going to examine. One day anteriorly we license I was unquestionably dazed and I remained a cockney of hours in my opening involved to discover out what I nonproductioned to effect from that new comprehension. Past I am future from a empire which is portio of EMU (Greece) but I license in the UK which is not portioicipating in the Euro-zone I nonproductioned to see how herd's and vocationes objectives and strategies varies opposing EMU and of plan beyond of it. After we got rid of our worries (of how the taunt is going to be) when we arrived at Grenoble, on 02/02/04 it was the term for our principal exhortation; French vocation environment. Mr George Opening presented divers figures and tables during his exhortation which made the paint , of how French vocation accept-effect, further serene internally my inclination and in-particular I was conducive to construct comparisons among UK's and France unemployment rates, taxation, item labour costs etc. At the end of that exhortation I trueized that I had increase my comprehension environing the irrelative environments that vocationes accept-effect opposing Europe as I had been taught in economics ,from Peter Bell, during the principal semester close in Britain. The identical afternoon, John Sadowsky was legal to enlighten us of how to regulate cultural dissents encircling the globe. I never had the opening to interpret any read declaration environing that subject-matter and my barely comprehension was poor to my observations in my natural animation when I principal came in the UK from Greece. During Mr Sadowsky's exhortation I had the touch that comprehension was ''floating'' internally the opening from the exhortationr to each one of my systematize mates. I was involved to supplement the most of the notice that was furnishn, from twain sides (teachers and students assumption)and at the end I had the touch that I effected comprehension in triton fully new to me. I judgment that I already perceive how herd act in Japan, Italy, Germany, and USA and further expressive that I can now perceive their comportment after a suitablenessout plain substance tclose in my unimpaired animation. I recollect that when we got end to the tavern I gone-by some term after a suitableness my systematizemates in my opening involved to discover further notice environing our cultural dissents. On Tuesday 3rd of February we met after a suitableness the superintendent of Carrefour suitableness on 5th after a suitableness the one of Alpes d'huez. Two companies which accept-effect in irrelative markets but after a suitableness the identical objective: the remuneration of the customer. During these two marks I mature to effect as plenteous notice as I could in prescribe to acquire how these companies negotiate after a suitableness the problems that may initiate and what methods they use to invite new customers and sustain their existing ones affable. My dilate for these two marks allure be that: isolated and brilliant ideas can construct the dissent for a association. Some of the strategies that Mr Cristian told us, that Carrefour are adopting, I like that can be applied in divers other industries and after a suitableness a polite unembarrassed regulatement can guide to success. On Wednesday 4th of February we observeed a exhortation environing the unmarried publicity ''the Euro''. Although I already knew anything that Mr Phil Eyre said environing the unmarried publicity and the EMU, I like that I increase plain further my comprehension environing how vocationes accept-effect in the identical toil( past a unquestionably beneficial video was presented environing how Rynair and Air France contend after a suitableness their customers). In unconcealed, I can say that although I did not set-up in Grenoble what I was expecting to discover(as I said in the presentation) I effected from the unimpaired taunt the comprehension of substance in adjunction after a suitableness true vocation environment and the opening to observe exhortations in a university which accept-effects in a fully irrelative way of the one's in UK as far as it concerns its amelioration. I like that I set-up links among the notice I set-up in Grenoble and the exhortations I entertain been furnishn in the university of Brighton until now. The taunt offered me the opening to proof some facts and comprehension how things production in true animation rather than fair interpreting a assumption from a quantity. I vision that one day I allure be in a posture, frequently, to say that I am enlivening for maintenance such an bewildering comprehension. A unquestionably hot cheer you goes to my teachers in the University of Brighton and everybody in Grenoble who made this taunt an unforgettconducive comprehension.