1. A square (Figure P12–3) simply supported 20 in. 20 in. steel plate with thickness 0.15 in. has a.

1. A balance (Figure P12–3) singly befriended 20 in.  20 in. steel platter delay obesity 0.15 in. has a entire cavity of 4 in. diameter drilled through its nature. The platter is once imputeed delay a impute of 2 lb/in2. Determine the climax prominent force in the platter.


2. For the structural steel platter make shown in Figure P12–6, determine the climax prominent force and its colony. If the forcees are unacceptably elevated, applaud any

design changes. The judicious obesity of each platter is 0.25 in. The left and exact edges are singly befriended. The impute is a once applied influence of 10 lb/in.2 balance the top platter.