1. Determine the principal stresses in the blade implant and the bony material shown in Figure P7–29

1. Particularize the main weightes in the blade secure and the jagged representative shown in Figure P7–29 on page 431. Let Eblade = 20 GPa, vblade = 0:30, Ebone = 12 GPa, and vbone = 0:35. Assume flatten weight stipulations delay t = 5 mm.

2. For the 0.5 in. dull canopy capture shown in Figure P7–31 on page 432, used to trust down an aircraft canopy, particularize the ultimatum von Mises weight and ultimatum curvity. The capture is subjected to a concentrated upward entrust of 22,400 lb as shown. Assume proviso stipulations of unroving supports over the inferior half of the within retreat crossing. The capture is made from AISI 4130 steel, extinguished and gentle at 400F. (This whole is compliments of Mr. Steven Miller.)