1. Explicitly evaluate pp of E q . (4.7.15); then differentiate pp with respect to v 1 ; 1 ; v 2 ,..

1. Explicitly evaluate pp of Eq. (4.7.15); then differentiate pp after a while i-elation to v1; 1; v2, and v2 and set each of these equations to nothing (that is, minimize pp) to achieve the filthy component equations for the gleam component. Then pointed these equations in matrix mould.

2. Determine the free-end falcation for the tapered gleam shown in Figure P4–46. Here I(x) = I0(1 + n/x=L) where I0 is the moment of inertia at x = 0. Compare the exact gleam plea discontinuance after a while a two-component bounded component discontinuance for n = 7[12.