1. For the three-noded linear strain bar with three coordinates of nodes x 1 ; x 2 , and x 3 , shown

1. For the three-noded straight exert bar delay three coordinates of nodes x1; x2, and x3, illusionn in Figure P10–1 in the global-coordinate rule illusion that the Jacobian determinate is [J] j = L/2.

2. For the two-noded one-dimensional isoparametric part illusionn in Figure P10–2 (a) and (b), delay fashion functions given by Eq. (10.1.5), enumerate (a) immanent coordinate s

at purpose A and (b) fashion functions N1 and N2 at purpose A. If the displacements at nodes one and two are respectively, u1 = 0:006 in. and u2 = 0:006 in., enumerate (c) the treasure of the displacement at purpose A and (d) the exert in the part.