Accumulated Earnings Tax. The IRS is auditing Crane Corporation, a manufacturer of widgets, to…

Accumulated Rights Tax. The IRS is auditing Crane Corporation, a creator of widgets, to designate whether the community is liable for the accumulated rights tax in a foregoing tax year. Crane is owned by 20 shareholders who are unconnected and was not a singular holding community in the year in inquiry. Crane reputed the forthcoming results for the general year:

The accumulated E&P neutralize on Januar y 1 is $180,000, and the community can excuse the protestation of the $180,000 of E&P at the beginning of the year plus $80,000 of rights earned in the general year in terms of contravention its self-possessed profession needs. In truth, all of the January 1 rights were retained for the self-possessed needs of the profession.

a. What is Crane's accumulated taxable allowance?

b. What is Crane's accumulated rights tax burden?

c. If Crane potentiall y owes the accumulated rights tax, what steps can it engage to attenuate or segregate the burden?