Comcast Marketing Strategy

|Marketing Temporization | |Comcast Corporation | | | | | | | | | | | EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Comcast Corporation is oppositeness hale new rivalry in chaffers where it used to bear none. Comcast has been losing analog cable television customers suitableness at the similar era representation subdued enlargement of subscribers for its new employments. For model, Comcast assumed 247,000 digital cable subscribers in the 4th forbearance of 2008, which is close than half of the 530,000 subscribers they assumed at the similar era the antecedent year (businessinsider. com). Comcast is the largest cable troop in the United States. In most of the regions that they act, they are closely a privilege. In Maryland fragmentary, they dispose 82% of the cable chaffer (allbusiness. om). Unfortunately, Comcast has captured the posture of a privilege when it comes to customer employment and pricing. In 2004 and 2007, Comcast had the whack customer indemnification rating of any troop in the dominion (wikipedia. org). Comcast's legacy of formidable customer employment has their customers disposed to leap to a new troop's employment as shortly as it becomes profitable. Telecommunications companies bear begun to capitalize on this by implementing new technologies to produce digital television, eminent acceletrounce internet and internet telephony employments aggravate their massive networks in dispose to contend instantly athwart Comcast. In dispose to drift Comcast's band-arms of aid the best products and the most customer-friendly and accepted employment in the chaffer, we are proposing a new Customer Employment example as courteous as a Total Pleased Division temporization. This involves acquiring instrument delightd producers in dispose to produce scientific delightd and to prproffer a one-stop shopping habit for consumers for all their food and despatch needs. Chaffer Definition and Opportunity Comcast identifies its target chaffer extent as 50. pet homes, located in 39 states and the District of Columbia, which can be alike to its division plan externally aid extension of transband-arms lines. Currently, Comcast has 24. 2 pet video customers (47. 8% discernment), 14. 9 pet eminent-acceletrounce internet customers (29. 7% discernment), and 6. 5 pet phone customers (13. 9% discernment). Comcast generates closely 95% of its confused wealth from its Cable part. Its cable plans contemporaneously transmit video, eminent-acceletrounce internet and phone employments to its customers (2008 Annual Report). Appendix A: Model Customer Indemnification Survey In your most novel customer employment habit, how did you contiguity the figurative? ( )In Person ( )By Telephone ( )Internet ( )Other About how hanker did you bear to endure antecedently indicative to a figurative? ( )I was captured foresight of directly ( )Within 3 minutes ( )3-5 minutes ( )5-10 minutes ( )More than 10 minutes Did our figurative... (Select all that exercise) ( )Quickly substantiate the gist ( )Appear knowledgeable and contendnt ( )Help you know the inducement and the key to the gist ( )Handle issues delay urbanity and professionalism About how hanker did it use to get this gist resolute? )Immediate Rekey ( )Less than a day ( )Between 2 and 3 days ( )Between 3 and 5 days ( )More than a week ( )The gist is peaceful not resolute How multifarious eras did you bear to contiguity customer employment antecedently the gist was corrected? ( )Once ( )Twice ( )Three Times ( )More than Three eras On a flake of 1 to 5 where 1 represents "Extremely dissatisfied" and 5 represents "Extremely Satisfied,” delight repartee the adown questions and produce any interpretation that could aid us to reform our customer employment. How affable are you delay the customer employment habit? Overall, how would you trounce your roll of indemnification delay Comcast? If you were close than wholly affable, what could bear been produced to help you emend? WORKS CITED "Comcast. " Wikipedia. org. Wikipedia. org, 2009. Web. 24 November 2009. http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Comcast Comcast Corporation. Annual Report, 2008. Philadelphia, PA: Comcast Corporation, 2008. Frommer, Dan. "Comcast Beats Street, But Enlargement Hits the Wall. " The Business Insider. Silicon Valley Insider, 2009. Web. 18 February 2009. http://www. businessinsider. com/comcast-beats-street-but-growth-hits-the-wall-2009-2 “HD Chaffer Discernment at All-Time High. ” Afterdawn. com. AfterDawn Ltd, 2009. Web. 19 October 2009. ttp://www. afterdawn. com/news/archive/16014. cfm/ Herman, Josh. “Consumers on the Move. ” Direct, 1 June 2006: pp 30-31. Mello, John P. “DVR Chaffer Penetration: Riding a Provider-Powered Wave. ” TechNewsWorld. com. E-Commerce Times, 2007. 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