Consider the bar with two elements shown in Figure P7.10. Perform a patch test using these two…

Consider the bar after a while two compatability shown in Figure P7.10. Perform a botch examination using these two compatability. Let E = 200 GPa, and A = 1  104 m2. Use the plummet bar part barbarism matrix (Eq. (3.1.14)) derived using the cast functions N1(x) = x/L and N2(x) = 1 x/L.

a. For the unpliant association agitation examination, set u1 = 1 m and u3 = 1 m and authenticate that u2 = 1 m by using the direct barbarism rule.

b. For the regular exert examination, appropriate direct displacement function u(x) = x for the nodes at the boundaries, such that u1 = 0 and u3 = 2 m, and authenticate that u2 = 0:6 m.

Solve the aftercited problems using a computer program. In some of these problems, we insinuate that students be assigned disunited compatability (or models) to fit parametric studies.