Following is a list of information for Peter and Amy Jones for the current tax year. Peter and Amy..

Following is a inventory of notice for Peter and Amy Jones for the running tax year. Peter and Amy are married and accept three end, Aubrynne, Bryson, and Caden. They speed at 100 Main Street, Anyrown, USA 00000. Peter is a counsellor instituted for a Native American law resolute. Amy works part-time in a genetic elimination lab. The Jones' Social Security mass and ages are as follows:

In enumeration to the aloft, on September 17, Peter and Amy donate some Beta Trader, Inc. accumulation to Lakeville Community College. Beta Trader, Inc. is publicly traded. The FMV of the accumulation on the duration of the contribution is $700. Peter and Amy had purchased the accumulation on November 7, 2004 for $300. Compute Peter and Amy's proceeds tax jurisdiction for 2018 using Form 1040, Schedules A and B, and Form 8283, if necessary