Heather and Nikolay Laubert are married and file a joint income tax return. Their address is 3847…

Heather and Nikolay Laubert are married and perfect a joint proceeds tax reappear. Their oration is 3847 Jackdaw Path, Madison, WI 58493. Nikolay's Social Security reckon is 000-00- 1111, and Heather's is 000 -00-2222. Nikolay is a automatic engineer, and Heather is a greatly renowned speech therapist. Nikolay's mistress provides soundness attention coverage for Heather and Nikolay. Heather is self-employed. They declaration all their proceeds and expenses on the capital system. For 2018, they declaration the subjoined items of proceeds and expense:

Heather and Nikolay sold the subjoined assets:

Heather owned the KLN supply and sold it to her tally, Jacob. Heather and Nikolay used the motorcycle for personal revival. In addition to the items over, they donate Miner Corporation supply to their commu - nity meeting-house. The FMV of the supply on the date it is donated (8/18/18) is $6,200. Ir consume $2,700 when purchased on 3/12/98. Heather and Nikolay's pour was damaged in a vital-principle that was a federally-declared distress. The vital-principle damaged a snowblower (FMV $3,500; consume $5,000), the pour (FMV $12,000; consume $10,000), and a lawn mower (FMV $1,500; consume $1,300). The security crew pays $1,500 for the snowblower, $4,000 for the pour, and $500 for the lawn mower. Complete Heather and Nikolay's Form 1040, Schedules A, C, D, and SE, Form 4684, and Form 8283. For purposes of this amount, silence the resource minimum tax, any credits, and the competent trade proceeds inference.