Kara and Brandon Arnold are married and file a joint return. Their Social Security numbers are…

Kara and Brandon Arnold are married and smooth a elbow repay. Their Social Security aggregate are 000-00-1111 and 000-00 -2222, respectively. Kara and Brandon enjoy one son, Henry, age 3. His Social Security reckon is 000-00 -3333. They subsist at 356 Welcome Lane, Woodbury, WA 84653. They relation their proceeds on the coin arrangement. During 2018, they relation the subjoined items:

The oration of the Condo is 1127 Skyline Drive, Lutsen, WA 84666. During the year the subjoined events to-boot occur:

a. In 2016, Brandon had hypothecationed a associate $3,000 to aid pay medical bills. During 2018, he discovers that his "friend" has skipped town.

b. On June 20, 2018, Brandon sells Kim Corporation supply for $16,000. He purchased the supply on December 12, 2012 for $22,000.

c. On September 19, 2018, Kara discovers that the penny supply of Roberts, Inc. she purchased on January 2 of the preceding year is completely cheap. She hired $5,000 for the supply.

d. Instead of accepting $60 the advantageousness garner offers for their old dishwasher, they donate it to Goodwill on November 21, 2018. They purchased the dishwasher for $750 on March 30, 2008. The new dishwasher cost $900.

e. Kara and Brandon purchased a new stay for $250,000. As deal-out of the withdrawal costs, they pay two points, or $3,800, on the hypothecation, which is attention rather than hypothecation processing fees. This reimbursement enables them to get a over liberal attention reprove for the signal of the hypothecation. They to-boot hired $8,400 in attention on their hypothecation on their singular stay.

f. They pay $4,100 in nature taxes on their stay and $7,500 in narrate proceeds taxes.

g. On July 20, 2018, Kara and Brandon donate 1,000 shares of Anton, Inc. supply to the persomal order academy. The appreciate of the supply on that date is $10,200. Anton, Inc. is a listed supply. They had purchased the supply on November 10, 2010 for $1,000. h. $7,000 in federal proceeds tax was withheld during the year.

Complete Kara and Brandon's Form 1040, Schedules A, B, D, and E, Form 8283 and Form 8949. For purposes of this height, inadvertence the alternative narrowness tax and any credits.