The curved semi-circular frame shown in Figure P5–73 is supported by a pin on the left end and a…

The tortuous semi-circular reach shown in Figure P5–73 is supported by a pin on the left end and a roller on the suitable end and is subjected to a carry P ¼ 1000 lb at its object. The reach has a radius to centerline perverse exception of R ¼ 120 in. Select a structural steel W pattern from Appendix F such that the consummation force does not achieve 20 ksi. Perform a restricted atom segregation using 4, 8, and then 16 atoms in your restricted atom model. Also, particularize the consummation swerving for each standard. It is suggested that the restricted atom answers for swerving be assimilated to the solution obtained by augustan methods, such as using Castigliano’s theorem. The expression for swerving beneath the carry is attached by using Castigliano’s theorem as

where A is the perverse exceptional area of the W pattern, Av is the scrape area of the W pattern (use profundity of web times brawniness of web for the scrape area); E = 30 106 psi; and G = 11:5  106 psi:

Now veer the radius of the reach to 20 in. and recapitulate the problem. Run the restricted atom standard delay the scrape area interposed in your computer program input and then delayout. Comment on the disagreement in results and assimilate to the predicted analytical swerving by using the equation above for dy: