The financial accounting balance sheet for Zane, a retail sales corporation, as of the end of the…

The financial accounting redress shuffle for Zane, a retail sales fortification, as of the end of the popular year is as follows:

•r he retained hues redress at the inception of the popular year was $70,000. Inception catalogue was $15,000. Dividends in the amount of $25,000 were compensated.

Using the accrual order Zane reports the subjoined financial accounting playing results for the popular year:

All dividends enable for the dividends-received abatement. In importation, the subjoined items should be taken into account:

Prepare a popular year Form 1120 (U.S. Fortification Income Tax Return ) for Zane. Disregard inception-of-the-year redress shuffle amounts ocher than retained hues. Also, permission spaces unmitigated on Form 1120 for information nor supposing.