You are required to write two examples of each of the following using the text in the article… 1 answer below »

You are required to transcribe two examples of each of the forthcoming using the quotation in the time granted (see ally control minority underneath to download the time).
• Paraphrase
• Quotation
You must secure that the signification of the primordial quotation is conveyed/summarised when paraphrasing. Quotation examples must be presented in the divert deportment.
You should also mind to embody passage(s) delay each of your examples and a references inventory at the end of your labor.
You do not deficiency to retranscribe the whole time; righteous get two examples using each of the two techniques.
Each of your examples should be 2 to 3 sentences covet.
You should also embody the primordial quotation that you are using for each of your examples and format your labor as follows:
Original quotation…
Your example…

The time is secure underneath