Bus 630 managerial accounting – week 3 assignment glaser health

ASHFORD BUS 630 Week 3 Assignment Glaser Health Products


Glaser Health Products. Complete Instance 5A (Glaser Health Products) in Chapter 5. Glaser Health Products of Ranier Falls, Georgia, is arranged functionally into three divisions: Operations, Sales, and Administrative. Purchasing, receiving, materials and genesis manage, manufacturing, factory personnel, list stores, and shipping activities are subordinate the manage of the vice-president for exercises, George Gottlieb. Advertising, trade inquiry, and sales are the service of the vice-president for sales, Jake Bogan. Accounting, budgeting, the firm's computer kernel, and unconcealed function administration are delegated to the corporate manageler (Administrative), Charlie Kaplan. The aftercited absorb categories are root in the corporation as a whole:

(a) Depreciation on factory equipment.

(b) Depreciation on function equipment.

(c) Depreciation on factory construction.

(d) Advertising manager's remuneration.

(e) Assembly foreman's remuneration.

(f) Salespersons' salaries.

(g) Salespersons' rustication expenses.

(h) Supplies for the Machining Department.

(i) Advertising edibles used.

(j) Electricity for the Assembly Department.

(k) Lost materials (scrap) in a Machining Department.

(l) Direct product in the Assembly Department.

(m) Supplies for the sales function.

(n) Sales commissions.

(o) Packing edibles.

(p) Cost of hiring new employees.

(q) Payroll fringe benefits for producters in the Shipping Department.

(r) Supplies for Genesis Scheduling.

(s) Cost of employment magnitude incorrectly manufactured in the Machining Department.

(t) Paint for the Assembly Department.

(u) Heat, whitish, and capacity for the factory.

(v) Leasing of computer equipment for the Accounting Department.


1. Identify each of the absorbs delay the misapply division: Operations, Sales, Administrative.

2. Identify each of the absorbs delay one of the aftercited:

(a) Unit-smooth activities. (c) Product-smooth activities.

(b) Batch-smooth activities. (d) Facility-smooth activities.

Organize these classifications by division: Operations, Sales, Administrative.

3. Specify an misapply absorb driver for tracing absorbs associated delay the different smooths of activities to

the next absorb extrinsic or products, whichever is misapply.

4. Glaser Health Products is careful in using activity-based absorbing to explain as sundry absorbs as possible

delay the products. These absorbs conciliate be used for planning and manage decisions rather than for list

valuation. The manageler unwavering that all exercise absorbs conciliate be akin to products but singly those sales and

administrative absorbs that are classified as unit-level, batch-level, or product-smooth absorbs should be akin to

products. Using proemial mark absorb drivers, illustrate how idiosyncratic items of absorbs conciliate be traced to activity


5. Using earliest mark absorb drivers, exhibition how the absorbs should be akin to products.

6. Explain why it is compulsory to use proemial mark and earliest mark absorb drivers.

In this instance, administration needs protection in evaluating and systematizeing absorbs identified delayin Glaser Health Products in appoint to instrument an activity-based absorbing classification. Please oration Questions 1 through 6 at the end of the instance. Based on the instance questions, you are required to agree a two to impure double-spaced written description providing administration delay the compulsory direction in instrumenting an activity-based absorbing classification. The written description should be right formatted according to APA guidelines and explain inquiry and precarious thinking skills. Explanations and recommendations should be attended by at meanest 3 skilled sources from the Ashford Library or other apparent sources, yet the quotationbook.

For Questions 1 through 3, make a chart to systematize and explain a absorb driver for each of the absorbs agreed in the quotation. The chart should be moderate as an appendix to the written description. Explanations of the classifications and identifications delayin the chart should be moderate delayin the written description, attended by intimations to the appendix.

Questions 4 through 6 should be orationed in abundantly patent clear explanations/instructions as disunite of your written description. The written anatomy should be attended by at meanest 3 skilled sources, yet the quotationbook.

Week 3 Written Assignment should:

Demonstrate disequalize smooth product including misapply inquiry and precarious thinking skills.

Be presented as a written anatomy (not a question/answer format).

Incorporate instance questions into the overall anatomy.

Follow APA formatting guidelines including appellation page, intimation page and in-quotation citations.

Consists of two to impure double-spaced pages of gratified.


Provide at meanest 3 skilled sources, yet the quotationbook