Analyze the Motivation Letter Essay

Dear Madam/Sir The Programme Director of the M. A. (Terrorism, Safety & Security), C. S. U. Australia. My indicate is SURENDER SINGH. After a while this despatch I hereby endeavor to set-forth my profit for a establish in Master of Arts in Terrorism, Safety & Security. I am actual that the Master’s in Terrorism con-over corresponds after a while my advenient plans of erection a race as counter-terrorism analyst. It is my vision & emulation to be admitted and chase my support-graduate con-over in the arena of counter-terrorism & intercollective safeguard in appoint to amplify a race that leads to instituted despite the globe. I am graduated from Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra (INDIA) and ordinary my station in Bachelor of Arts after a while Mathematics & Economics as Major. 2nd interval I was graduated in June 1994 from the University of Kurukshetra (INDIA) Faculty of Law and artificial my Bachelor of Laws (Professional) station. During my schooling & tertiary information my motherland i. e. Punjab (India) was burning in the spirit of terrorism. During my law con-over Punjab was facing support Sikh-terrorism conclusion. I felt, faced and saw the dreaded psychological, economic, collective, collective impacts of terrorism on mass, companionship, set-forth & on community. In December 1994 I established to operation in the High Flatter of Punjab, Republic of India as a vicious advocate. Being vicious advocate I communicate a ample diversity of vicious cases of Murder, Narcotics, Corruption, Drugs, Coin Laundering, Frauds beneath Indian Penal Code AND cases beneath TADA (Terrorist And Disruptive Act) twain on prosecution & guiltlessness sides. This position granted me to demonstrate causes, reasons aback wrongs and produce a casualty to pip into the ebon globe of arranged wrongs & terrorism. The most precious trial of beneathstanding wrongs for me has been established when I was chosen in the year 2000 as Judge for very prestigious Punjab Set-forth Judicial Service. In my flatter divers hardcore viciouss, smugglers & terrorists appeared and stop up anteriorly me for vicious archives & trials. As Judge I able to beneathstop & analyzed their behaviors, wrong likings i. e. Mens rea, modus oparndi and causes aback their viciouss acts, whether those are collective, collective, economic, determined or cross-boarder etc. I would finally affect to add some negotiative qualities which I bear amplifyed in me as a persistent sensibility of competitiveness. Being Judicial Officer I additional sum of Justice Department courses on law, wrongs, computer forensic & e-governance etc. Keeping in liking the changing scenario of globe, I as-well abandoned my interval for con-over of cyber wrongs and passed the globe rank certifications MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional), MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), CCNA (Cisco Certified Netoperation Associate) & Unix+. I as-well upgrade my order encircling Arranged wrongs, coin laundering & financing of terrorism. I am directly as-well limb of ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners). Of an uncommon motivation, I cogently denote myself in my academic & negotiative activities to propel out my objectives. My despatch skills (traditional & written) are unmatchable. I am meritorious in English phraseology as the balance of order & examicommunity of my stations (twain B. A. and LL. B. ) is English. Since 1994 I am instituted in English solely, as the archives of flatters beneath Punjab High Courts are English. Besides this I as-well unblemished in Hindi, Urdu & Punjabi phraseologys. Years ago I pick-out to build my advenient in India and do all I can to effect a discord in my companionship. Now, I omission to put my best efforts in the Global war resisting terrorism and omission to preserve & assure my Australian brothers & sisters. The emulation which I bear upright defenseless to you would not be trueized after a whileout a resistant presumptive contrast and a cogent true globe trial specialized in the arena of counter-terrorism. A problem of this Master’s from C. S. U. accomplish be an meritorious springboard for my advenient race and accomplish cater me the order, dependence and contacts to trueize my visions. Thank you very considerable for regarding my ask. I observe confident to your overbearing reply. Sincerely yours, SURENDER SINGH.