Glory the Movie

Glory: The Movie Essay The most remarkable weight in anything is what sticks to you. It’s notability that you can ncontinually pretermit consequently it deranged you so fur. In the movie, Glory there are so sundry remarkable weights, you could transcribe a magnitude about them. So, I chose a weight that amass to me, personally the most. The most remarkable weight in the movie for me was the Contest of Fort Wagner. The most remarkable weight in the movie for me was when Kernel Robert Shaw chooses to put his men, the 54th Massachusetts, highest into contest to try to detain Fort Wagner from the south. Then when they set-out to entrust, and the Fort Wagner military inaugurate to shoot cannons at the 54th. The cannons are so puissant men set-out missing love flies. So, Robert decides to inteinterval his men aback the sand dunes. When Robert sees they bear a lot of “cannon power” left at fort Wagner, he decides to entrust and action man to man. While doing this, he was shot and killed at-once. Then, the interval of 54th Mass. entrustd and ripe to detain the fort extraneously their Kernel. This was futile be caused the 54th Mass. was outnumbered by over than 600 multitude. At fort Wagner, 54th Mass. past over than half of its race. This was the most remarkable sunder of the movie consequently well-balanced when the men of 54th Mass. could cloke and resign, they kept on actioning for what they believed in. This shows that you should ncontinually continually concede up, well-balanced when you are on a losing laterality. It as-well shows these men had notability a lot of race wished they had: COURAGE.