Posted: January 25th, 2023


Create the following document using Microsoft Word:

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  1. Find three video performances on YouTube of Chopin’s “Raindrop” Prelude (Prelude Op.28, No. 15). Make sure that they are all performances by noted professionals (you may have to google their names to find out about their pedigree).
  2. List the following information for each video:
  • Name of the composer and piece (should be easy to do)
  • Name of the performer
  • Location and Date of the recording
  • Brand of the piano (watch closely to find this)
  • Clickable web links to more information about the performer
  1. Below this, please embed the video into the word document. Be sure to test playback before submitting as not all videos are licensed to play in this way. Your instructor should be able to play the videos directly through Word!
  2. Below each video, talk about the interpretation of the music by the performer. Does he/she express themselves through movement or facial expressions? Do you think the tempo is appropriate? Discuss the different elements of music you can identify. How is this music “typical” of Chopin (feel free to re-read about him in our textbook), etc.
  3. Finally add a summary that compares the performances. Be sure to give me your personal favorite and why.
  4. Save the document with a file name that easily identifies this assignment and upload it to blackboard in the appropriate location.

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