Posted: November 8th, 2022

Outpatient Care PowerPoint


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Outpatient Care PowerPoint
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For this assignment, create a 12-15 slide PowerPoint presentation with detailed speaker notes.  Choose three outpatient settings from the list below:

  • Private practice clinic
  • Urgent care center
  • Mobile medical unit
  • Home health care
  • Ambulatory long-term care service
  • Public health service
  • Community health center
  • Free clinic


Address the following:

  • Current level of growth for each setting. Why is this occurring?
  • Current trends taking place in each setting. How have these evolved?
  • Utilization of each setting.
  • Type of patient outcomes at each setting.
  • Will growth continue in the future in each setting?
  • Role of patient-centered medical homes and how the growth of these is affecting other outpatient services.

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