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Question 2 Green Corridor Café (“GCC”) is a café which takes pride in providing vegetarian cuisine using ingredients which come from sustainable sources and are grown using environmentally friendly processes. GCC has gained a reputation with its slogan “Green Footprint, Organic Living!”. The owner of the café, Arnold, aims to engage local suppliers in Singapore […]

Two 500 word questions based on intro to politics

questions should be supported by book as well. online book..there is an online sample of book that leaves out pages occationally.   chapter 8 and 9 questions, chapter 8.The public sphere presumes a marketplace of ideas, where numerous interests and points of view compete for attention. But what if the mass media are largely […]

Apply: alternative dispute resolution (adr), ethics and risk

  The purpose of this assignment is to analyze and select an appropriate method of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for a business dispute, to examine unethical business behavior, and to develop risk management procedures to avoid or reduce claims and litigation. Read the following scenario:  Dazzling Dough Co. sells pizza dough to local pizza restaurants. […]

Ethical issues | Law homework help

here is the scenario    You are the second in command at a city law enforcement agency. Your agency is currently in the promotion cycle with several candidates interested in a Lieutenant’s position that has become available. The agency only has positions at this level come open about once every year. There are two candidates […]

Futuretek | Law homework help

  The purpose of this assignment is to determine when business assets may constitute intellectual property (IP), to analyze when an IP theft has occurred and possible remedies for IP theft, and to assess the importance of protecting and enforcing IP rights in a business setting. Read the following scenario.  Futuretek sells high-tech computer chips […]

Litigation cost-benefit analysis and enforceability of arbitration

Scenario: Solar Co. Inc., a solar panel manufacturing and installation company, has recently encountered a series of scandals and bad publicity relating to defective solar panels, poor workmanship, and employee allegations of harassment by executives within the company. One claim resulted in a two-year trial which Solar Co. lost; all other claims were settled out of […]