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Please compare and contrast two oral histories from your Speaking History reading assignments. Requirements You must choose one oral history from pages 7 to 38 in Speaking History and the other from pages 39 to 52 in Speaking History. Then write a paper that summarizes, compares and contrasts, and reflects on these oral histories. You […]

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 Use this to do the attached assignment. WEEK 4: ASSIGNMENT 1 Thank you,  This written assignment is worth 200 points. There are seven elements of the grading criteria. The written assignment grading rubric is used as a scoring guide to evaluate your performance based on the identified performance standards and adherence to the requirements and deadlines. The rubric is […]

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All visual art evolved from what came before.  Early Christian imagery developed within Roman culture, so it is natural that many of the symbols were older pagan images simply cast with new meaning.  Christian imagery also included earlier Jewish narrative.  Iconography is the study of symbolic subject matter in art.  It is a complex field, […]

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  One of the most fundamental issues in business law involves the question of when a company can be held liable for the acts of an individual person, whether this involves a contractual obligation or a personal injury (meaning a tort). Choose one of the scenarios below and explain whether you think the business is liable for the […]

Business law (canadian law system)

1.  Kelly is a director of Island Properties Ltd.(the Company).  He engaged the accounting firm of Westcan Accounting to perform certain professional work on behalf of the Company. When the work was completed, the accounting firm submitted an account for their fees. The Company failed to pay and the firm commenced legal action to collect […]

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Your job is to write a research paper for the Florida State governor to use as the basis for his/her decision on this issue. Issue: the denial of the waiver of very young offenders (namely, “kids that kill”) to adult court and making them subject to adult processing and punishment.  Main focus :will be on brain […]

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It is August 25th and you are the Director of Health for Smalltown, USA.  This coastal town has a population of 6,500 year round residents and swells to 30,000 during the summer months.  The town has full-time police, fire, and health department, and a volunteer emergency management director.  The town has identified Smalltown Elementary School, […]

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  Choose any of the Roman emperors, and write a biographical sketch explaining what you see as his most notable actions and character traits that impacted Western civilization. A biographical sketch is shorter and more specific than a typical biography of a person’s character, life, and achievements. It should provide readers with your insights into […]