Hackers Blackmail Mahanta, Spandan Section B Statement of the Problem

Hackers Blackmail Mahanta, Spandan Section B Statement of the Problem: Implementation of EMR (Electronic Medical Records) to supply tract archives in Sunnylake hospital was a dreamy conception. However a superior area in toolation of technology i. e. Netachievement Deposit was neglected by the organisation. Moreaggravate there was poor or no lavish impost executed leaving Sunnylake’s IT team ill equipped to manage a likely intervention into their network. The upshot was that the organisation was inexplicefficacious into a footing where they were on the approach of getting into drove of constitutional collections including lawsuits quantitying to millions. But past than the monetary pay, civilized lives were at jeopard which made it smooth past material for the Sunnylake team to land at an solid and efficacious breach to the collection in influence. Analysis: Paul Layman had succeeding to Sunny lake Hospital delay the anticipation to transmute the narrow hospital from a Class Economy Centre to a role pattern for all narrow hospitals. To hinge his anticipation into substantiality Paul Layman, the CEO resolute to use say of the art technology to supply tract archives delay Electronic Medical Archives (EMR). Accordingly a cunning was formulated inherent to shape of an IT team in the organisation inferior the example of a boyish IT Director Jacob Dale. Both Paul and Jacob gave in their best to tool a scheme which was initially not widely legitimate by superiority of the Doctors in the hospital. However delay period, as the pliancy of the EMR’s showed up the opposition became minimal. For amiefficacious three years Paul was basking inferior the fame of his prosperous toolation of EMR’s but was natural sufficient to conmanufactured the technology deposit procession and did not conceal its deposit up to age and updated. Sunnylake Hospital was closely at a cheerless end principally due to civilized and technological untruths. The intervention into their netachievement was due to someone in the staff mistaking the intimidation to be an antivirus download or updation of an solid contact. This can be a termed as a civilized untruth. But past materially closing of an updated or upgraded deposit scheme hich is a superior technology defacement was the superior contributor to netachievement irruption of the Sunnylake hospital network. The upshot of these mistakes upshoted in Sunnylake hospital on the approach of losing millions in lawsuits, losing the kind it had built up aggravate the years of employment to the class and most materially a extensive reckon of civilized lives were at jeopard. Keeping in choice the repercussions of their mistakes, which were truly important in truth the most instant breach that I impress would be delayhold would be to pay the redeem quantity to hackers thus securing the protection of the abnormal patients. Having executed this we can contemplate at the coming progress of actions which should enclose restrictive deposit/arrival policies, stronger netachievement government and protection and latest but not the smallest educating the staffs of the netachievement protection measures that needs to be fascinated economy of spell using or arrivaling the organisations network. Spell we are discussing encircling all these important collection sayments, Paul Layman CEO of Sunnylake besides has to negotiate delay another crave term consequence of the fiasco. He had tooled a scheme for which he had current opposition from numerous quarters. However delay the sentence of period as the EMR’s proved to be fruitful, these oppositions unworthy. Now that the EMR’s failed succeeding 3 years of fruitful achievement, the vulgar who had unanalogous the very toolation of technology including the primary of staff George Knudsen would keep a clear say to exonerate their opposition at the leading assign. And Paul has to see to it that the emergency is solved instantly as he is at a lavish of not life efficacious to inoculate the staff to hope the scheme or past materially hope him. Recommendations: In intimation to the separation of the collection overhead, the forthcoming breachs in prescribe of initiative acrave delay adviseations are mentioned adown. Leading and leading Paul Newman gain keep to pay the redeem to the hackers in prescribe to ensure the lives of the abnormal patients as polite as get tail arrival to their network. However he should not conmanufactured the adversities that may harvest up following and I would advise agreement of professionals delay expertise in negotiateing delay such footings including law enforcement agencies. Once arrival to the netachievement is gained, the organisations IT team should instantly put into assign netachievement protection policies. For this I would advise that the IT team tool stricter deposit policies, arrival should be poor for the users as per the roles delivered, frequently public exposed websites be blocked, luxuriance the staff on the deposit measures and finally up precedency of their schemes to be efficacious to watch such instances in coming.