Posted: January 25th, 2023

Personal Finance Essay


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Personal Finance Essay
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Write a 2 page double spaced reflection paper about how someone can benefit from having a Personal Financial Plan. Include at least five topics from the class that were the most beneficial to you to learn about and in what ways a personal financial plan can help them in that area. Your paper should include sections about why a financial plan is important, what a financial plan includes and how yours will help you achieve specific financial goals either now or in the future. Incorporate elements from the class for each of the five topics you choose that factor into your plan (i.e. if one of the topics is tax planning you could say this will help me understand what tax savings are currently available to m and how I can work to increase my tax savings in the future. It also helps me understand what records I should keep).

Be sure your paper is free from grammatical and syntax errors and contains no typos. 

This paper is worth 200 points towards your final grade (1,000 total).

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