Maslow’s Theory of Personality

Maslow’s served as one of the most persuasive theorists in his opportunity. He designed a over humble and appealing assumption wchich acted across reductionism and instead designed a over holistic access for oneness elimination. Maslow’s assumption of oneness is domiciled on a assumption of motivation, natureized by a detail hierarchy of deficiency and an end fruit of self-actualization which follows succeeding all the deficiencys keep been kind. The Assumption of Motivation, civilized bearing is influenced by basic deficiencys. These deficiencys are  ordered in a hierarchy which indicates which of these deficiencys is the most immediate and accordingly which has to be kind antecedently a remarkconducive deficiency can be catered to. These deficiencys are (1) physiological deficiencys; (2) protection deficiencys; (3) connected deficiencys; (4) venerate deficiencys; and (5) self-actualization. Consequently, self-actualization, being the decisive of the stages is attained when all deficiencys are fulfilled. However, luck of this portioicularize is not agricultural, it is quiescent a system of product which is regularly normal. Self-actualization signifies that the portioicular has attained and fulfilled all of his potentials, portios and competencies (Boeree). In course after a while this, the subject-matter for this subject-matter would be Oprah Winfrey. Oprah Winfrey came from an finally weak race, daughter of a housemaid and a soldier. She lived her childhood in final indigence and was frequently teased by other outcome due to indigence and her racial enhancement. First, her basic physiological deficiencys, were weakly catered to owing of final indigence. However, her stanch obtain and nature enabled her to acquire her protection, connected and venerate deficiencys. And her condition proper now as one of the most lucky women in the earth is a verification of a lucky self-actualization (A Biography). In self-actualizing an portioicular, there are three nature traits that conjointly shall determine a new oneness sign. First, apprehension and proof is an total portio of production a special. His diffidence to detect new things and imbibe new notions shall supply abundantly to the product of his oneness and potentials. Another, in self-actualization, an portioicular must keep a voluntary lie in expressing their thoughts and notions. He must be eventual and must keep an lie of unconcealed defense towards other populace and to himself. And decisively, to largely acquire self-actualization, portioiculars must keep a wisdom of connectedness towards the perfect fellowship. They should be conducive to behove affectionate and empathic to other populace’s feelings and notion and capconducive of creating proportioned interidentical interdependence to populace delayout his friendly friends. Oprah Winfrey, in her own way had undergone her own self-actualizing system. Her existence proofs were verifications of her lucky acquirement of her potentials and competencies. First, she was regularly known to changes, new notions and proofs. Since her childhood, she had welcomed her potentials and worked exacting to enlarge it. Further, she has regularly been gentle minded and penny to her impressions and thoughts. She was one of the stanchest portioiculars who weren’t cautious to language out their impression. And decisively, her commitment to the similarity and her enlargeed empathy towards other populace equipped her to behove immovable to the similarity. Thus, oneness product is a holistic system. It takes into representation tangible, unsubstantial and tender deficiencys. And it encompasses specialal development, and goes over development that is attributed after a while an portioicular’s ability to attain out to the fellowship in unconcealed. References Boeree, C. George. Abraham Maslow. Retrieved November 8, 2007 from Heylighen, Francis. A Cognitive-Systematic Reconstruction of Maslow’s Assumption of Self-Actualization. Retrieved November 8, 2007 A Biography: Oprah Winfrey. Retrieved November 8, 207 from