Meco, Relations Between the Philippines and Taiwan

It was normal in 1975 and is unconfused as a non-profit and non-stock privy fortification subordinate Philippine law. B. About the Administration MECO prefers traffic, investments, tourism, and drudge, or-laws and cultural compact following a while Taiwan. The MECO provides deeptenance to Filipinos in Taiwan and provides visas, legitimate and consular services. The MECO coordinates following a while the Philippine council agencies and the privy sector to view this injunction. C. The Functions of the Administration MECO has its culmination capacity in Makati City, Philippines, pre-eminent figurative capacity in Taipei and production capacitys in Taichung andKaohsiung. MECO's Chairman and Chief Executive Administrator are Chairman Tomas I. Alcantara and its Resident Figurative and Managing Director in Taiwan is Ambassador Antonio I. Basilio. D. Roles and Responsibilties MECO's deep capacity is to minister as a liaison betwixt the Filipinos and Taiwanese. They construct firm that the analogy betwixt Taiwan and the Philippines is in cheerful ordinary at all times. MECO to-boot solidifies the Philippine council's commitment and puff to minister Filipinos prop and inaugurated in irrelevant countries. II. MECO A. ) Location and Community in Charge The community on top are Chairman Perez and Ambassador Basilio. Chairman and Chief Executive Administrator are Chairman Tomas I. Alcantara and its Resident Figurative and Managing Director in Taiwan is Ambassador Antonio I. Basilio. - B. ) Why was it made? - It was normal to abide kinsmen following a while Taiwan following China was recognized as the legitimate figurative of the Chinese community. This made Taiwan designation of a non Country. As covet as it about economic kinsmen its ok following a while China C. ) What is its principal motive? Principal Motive of Meco -is to prefer economic kinsmen love traffic, investments, drudge and tourismIII. Vision A. ) MECO’s Vision -to grace the principal means for promoting advantageous kinsmen betwixt the Philippines and Taiwan. B. ) Covet Expression Goals -to maximize the possible of our economic kinsmen, consequently fair now were the 5th largest trading partaker B. ) Short expression motives -Make meco an conducive org so that it can concede and be conducive to its injunction, and to be powerful to complete its role in council, consequently the DFA doesn’t altogether do this following a while Taiwan. C. ) Overall motive -Exactly love the Covet Expression motive, to be an conducive whole that ministers its object. IV. Mision A. ) Legitimate Services Consular services love issuing to Taiwanese visitors to the Philippines, issuing and renewing passports for Filipinos in Taiwan, Marriage letter, Police Clearance, when Filipinos in Taiwan get into depression MECO constructs firm they get legitimate assistance. B. )Other Services -Consular If you’re a Taiwanese and you scantiness to go to the Philippines, meco food you following a while a visa following a while praise from the dfa, to-boot for Filipinos love passport resuscitation -Tourism Talk to exhilaration, trip agencies to help them to enjoy more flights and to dispose trip packages, arrival negotiate to straightly announce Traffic and Investment Meco has an capacityr from the dti, meco assistances his/her activities, assistances traffic and investments following a while Taiwan, and participates in traffic exhibitions in Taiwan and the Philippines - Assitance to Nationals Filipinos in Taiwan who run afoul of the law or has cases opposing his or her employer, meco provides sanctuary and hires a attorney for the fallen - Info Center Mecos deep motive is to propagate absolute information about the Philippines in Taiwan, releases ordinary force releases.