Posted: January 25th, 2023


Question 1

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A ” lava lamp is inactive when the light is off, but a lighted lava lamp is dynamic and ever changing. Observe the rising and sinking motion of the lava-like wax in a lighted lava lamp and answer the following questions. If you do not have a lava lamp, this is an excuse to buy one (you now you always wanted one, do it for science). Or you can go to the Web Link page on the left hand side of your screen and use the link to my lava lamp movie on my home page. You must have Real Player or a similar program to run this video. a. Describe the motions of the lava – like substance that occur over a full minute.

Question 2

What causes the “lava” to move from the base of the lamp to the top of the lamp (Be as specific as you can be.)

Question 3

What causes the lava to move from the top of the lamp to the base of the lamp (Be as specfic as you can be.)

Question 4

What is the name applied to this kind of cycle?       

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